Pet Insurance for Birds - The Quick Care Guide to Pet Insurance for Birds  

Pet Insurance for Birds - The Quick Care Guide to Pet Insurance for Birds

Initially, birds were not offered medical health care coverage the way that dogs and cats were. What coverage was out there was rather skimpy and not worth paying for. However, over time birds have sought their way into equal treatment in the land of veterinary care, proving that avian vets were needed in every clinic and avian insurance should be fair and equal when compared the their furry housemates.

Over time the feathered friends have prevailed and now not only are they subject to quality health care, but can be adequately covered through a pet health insurance program as well. While few veterinary health insurance plans offer routine coverage, the tiny handful that realizes this benefit provides for the canine and feline variety and has recently added the bird to its list of coverable routine and preventative care plans.

Simple internet searches provide ample veterinary health insurance plans to choose from, each offering their own standard of coverage for a variety of price ranges. Almost none require a medical examination before the purchase of a health care plan. Almost all pet insurance companies have a thirty day waiting period after the policy is purchased before it goes into effect. During this time, if a member of your flock comes down with a serious condition that may affect their health long term, they are not permitted the same coverage, if any. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by nearly all pet insurance companies.

This is no way implies that pet insurance for birds isn’t worth the bang for the buck. It simply means that healthy birds will benefit from the financial protection offered in the event of an emergency. Most policies, and some will vary around this ballpark, offer an annual coverage of $7000 per year, with $2000 covered per incident or illness. There is of course almost always a deductible regardless of which pet insurance company you choose. Those that offer coverage without a deductible also charge significantly more for their policies. This is to be expected with any form of insurance.

Bird care in every aspect is increasing well beyond what was once typical avian knowledge and health care. Of course, the avian veterinary specialist also costs a bit more than the dog or cat specialists, but with birds gaining in their popularity as household companions, they are also forcing the high cost of vet care back down toward the mark closer in tune with dogs and cats.
Pet insurance for birds is equally as convenient or inconvenient as it is for dogs. Most pet insurance policies run on a reimbursement scale for the owner. Although the day when an insurance card can be presented at the veterinarian’s office and a simple co-pay is attached to the receipt is not all that far away. As more avian enthusiasts and pet owners purchase pet insurance policies, the more aggressively these animals need to be covered. It won’t be long before the growing trend becomes standard practice. Pet insurance for birds has already proven that competitive policies aren’t willing to leave anyone out in the cold.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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