The Care and Cover Health Insurance Guide for Your Pet  

The Care and Cover Health Insurance Guide for Your Pet

Everyone knows that if you own a cat or a dog, you have the option to purchase health care coverage policies through pet insurance companies for the owner’s financial protection in the event of an emergency. This concept was introduced in the early 80s and in the last five years has taken off with fabulous vigor.

However, what about those who are looking for pet insurance for a less “run of the mill” animal? Most pet insurance companies have come to understand that just because it isn’t a cat or a dog doesn’t make it any less valuable to the human who loves him.

Birds are now eligible for pet insurance and are well covered by some pet insurance companies, including self mutilation, egg binding, and feather picking. Reptiles have also been added to the repertoire recently, gaining coverage for skin diseases and fungal growths in the last couple of years. Pocket pets are now joining the ranks, with a few pet insurance companies making it their specialty. Rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and any furry creature that is considered small enough to fit in a pocket can now get equal coverage.

What does all this mean for the pet owner and how does it benefit the pet directly? Very basically and simply this means that in the event that a medical expense outside the norm crops up, the majority of the vet bill can be reimbursed through the pet insurance claims department. What does this mean for the pet? A whole new world of medical care.

Pet insurance has helped thousands of pet owners of all types recover expenses that would have normally prohibited treatment, including life saving treatment. In response to this increase in veterinary business, veterinarians are now able to offer more radical treatment options and cutting edge medical care to our household pets, even our beloved rats and hamsters.

This also means, that because technology has caught up to the veterinary field, and more patients are able to receive the cutting edge and expensive treatments, that the basic cost of average routine care has actually begun to taper downward. We are all saving just a little bit thanks to those who purchased and used pet insurance!

Not to mention that as technology advances and treatment options grow, pets are receiving better medical care and more well rounded medical care. The fabulous physical therapy department that the veterinarians had built ten years ago is now being filled with patients in recovery. This is a very positive development in the world of pet ownership, regardless of the pet you choose to love. It wasn’t that long ago that pocket pets had nowhere to turn and reptiles were not included in the circle of pet care. Today we can find specialists for every type of legal pet as well as maintain the pet insurance to help us pay for the specialist. Everyone is slowly benefiting from this basic business concept developed back in the early 80’s, and pets of all types are receiving a higher level of medical care.

Will your pet benefit from pet insurance? He already has. The choice to allow him access to some of the leading medical care in the world should he ever need it rests in a monthly payment about equal to a cable bill (with a few trimmings.)   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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