Pet Sitter Insurance - A Common Sense Guide to Pet Sitter’s Insurance  

Pet Sitter Insurance - A Common Sense Guide to Pet Sitter�s Insurance

In most states, pet sitter insurance is not an actual requirement, although to operate a business as a pet sitter without the advantages of pet sitter insurance is simply insanity waiting to happen. Pet sitter insurance is an obvious sign of professionalism as well as an obvious mode of self-protection. Other people’s pets are unpredictable creatures with the ability to spring “surprise!” behavior at you without warning. As the pet sitter, you are liable for the injuries to the animal or human that someone else’s dog just decided to “Surprise!”

Avoiding messes as these are exactly what pet sitter insurance is designed for, not to mention the messes that happen inside the home. Should Ralphy decide to suddenly chew through his owner’s wall while you are getting the food together or should a valuable piece of jewelry turn up missing after your stay, the pet sitter insurance is there to help protect you.

For most professional pet sitters, pet sitter insurance is a fairly reasonable expense. Depending on the company and the coverage, pet sitter insurance may run you between $200 and $300 annually for a single person who operates their own pet sitting service. Adding on spouses and employees bumps it up by about $100 per year, but ironically children under the age of 18 can typically be added for free.

Pet sitters insurance may not be mandated by most states, however, it is becoming more and more popular for counties or districts to require it. Pet sitters typically need a business license, in which case they would also have to carry insurance of liability to operate legally in the United States. The laws get tricky and often have to be professionally interpreted to thoroughly understand them. The bottom line never changes, and pet sitting without pet sitter insurance is simply begging to be slammed with some sort of incident expense that may or may not have actually been in your control.

Shopping for pet sitters insurance is not difficult. In fact, it’s one of the easiest insurances to obtain. Many pet sitting organizations offer memberships that offer tips, business ideas, and insurance. Of course, you will want to read all the membership and insurance information very carefully to be certain that you’re getting adequate coverage for your dollar, but most pet sitter insurance offered either privately or through pet sitting organizations is fairly clear cut.
It is unwise to save a few dollars and neglect to purchase theft protection in your insurance policy. Just because you are well aware that you’re not interested in rifling through anyone’s belongings and helping yourself doesn’t mean that Little Johnny didn’t blame the pet sitter when he swiped his father’s Rolex and pawned for well under value in order to finance a bad idea. While pet sitter insurance will not prove you innocent, it will help to offset the costs of legal trouble as well as place the power of a larger business behind you as you dig yourself out of Little Johnny’s hole.

Pet sitter's insurance is really a non-negotiable necessity that should not be overlooked. Pet sitting can be a wonderful business for those who have the heart for it. It would be a shame to lose an excellent pet sitter to an incident of unpredictability simply because they neglected to carry insurance.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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