Texas Pet Insurance: A Guide to Pet Insurance in Texas  

Texas Pet Insurance: A Guide to Pet Insurance in Texas

As much as we might not want to face the facts, we have an unequivocal love for our pets that few pet lovers can deny. They are important parts of our family, and more households in the United States have at least one pet than have no pets at all. In the United States alone, veterinary care is a multi billion dollar industry, and unless you want to foot some of that bill yourself, you need to seek a pet health insurance policy. If you live in Texas, you have several options for pet insurance companies that will serve you and provide adequate medical coverage for you and your companion animals.

1. Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

VPI is one of the most popular pet health insurance providers in the United States. If you live in Texas and you have a healthy pet and around $30 per month to pay for a monthly premium for your special friend, you are eligible for Veterinary Pet Insurance health insurance policy. What does that include? Coverage for accidents, illnesses, and other covered damages up to 90 percent, minus a $50 deductible. Send in your bill and any necessary receipts and the company issues you a check as promptly as they can.

2. ShelterCare Pet Insurance

Sheltercare pet insurance is regarded as one of the best and most popular pet insurance companies for anybody, including Texas residents. The reason why is that they allow you to choose your own veterinarian and they don’t get in your financial business. Treatment options are between you and your veterinarian and pet, and the policyholder is required to submit a claim form and receipts so that covered expenses can be reimbursed. ShelterCare insurance has special deals for pets who come from Texas humane societies and animal shelters, and they have a workable $50 deductible for claims.

3. PetsBest

PetsBest is another one of the more popular pet insurance companies available to people and pets in Texas. They have a bit higher of a deductible, $75 rather than the more standard $50 deductible but they do have plans available that cover wellness checkups and sterilization. However, these plans are usually a bit more expensive for Texas pet insurance policy holders but are more appropriate in the event of a serious covered accident or necessity. PetsBest even offers multiple pet discounts and even events of cancer, as long as they were not diagnosed before the time the policy was actually issued.

If you live in Texas, you need pet insurance for the furry members of your family just like anybody else does. Above are the three top pet insurance companies in Texas, and they have different plans available to fit your needs. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to give your pet the best and most healthy life that you possibly can and living in Texas you have a variety of pet insurance companies to help you take care of those medical needs.

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