How to Get the Best Rates and Quotes for Your Car Insurance By Picking up The Phone!  

How to Get the Best Rates and Quotes for Your Car Insurance By Picking up The Phone!

It seems like everything is wired today. When you go shopping for the best rates, quotes, car insurance, all the articles you see will tell you to work online to find the best rate. However, if you're not comfortable with shopping online for your car insurance, you can still get a good rate the conventional way. You'll just have to be patient and look around a little. Car insurance is a necessity – it's both required by law and a smart idea to protect your expensive vehicle in the case of an accident.

The truth is that it also can be expensive. The average person pays thousands of dollars for the privilege of maintaining and owning a car and so it is well worth taking some care to get great rates and quotes on your car insurance so that you can get the best possible deal.

Most people are hoping to save a little bit of money on their car insurance if they can. And following are some tips you can use when talking to an insurance agent on the phone about a prospective plan.

Now, using an insurance broker may not even be a method you have considered in this age of fast, online quotes that can be gleaned instantly. But the fact is that there can be certain advanteges to the personal approach in securing your auto insurance, and so it is certainly worth considering trying this method in parallel with getting quotes on line for cheap full coverage auto insurance, as they may be able to make you aware of deals that you otherwise would not know about.

There Are Three Main Aspects To This...

1/ Make sure you have all your information to hand

While you can run off to look for your driver's license or your vehicle identification number on the Internet or while submitting by mail, once you've started talking to a representative on the phone, you'll need things fast. Keep your driver's license number, VIN, car make, model, and year, financing information, and driving history close by whenever you call up an insurance company. This will let you get a good quote quickly and easily, without a lot of hassle or delay. The faster you get your quote, the faster you can get the best insurance.

2/ Learn about the discounts and special deals you could be eligible for in advance.

Depending on what features are on your car, you might be able to get a reduced payment rate on your insurance. These features could include anti-lock brakes, VIN window etching to improve recovery if the car is stolen, microchipped keys to prevent theft, airbags, automatic seat belts, and many others. You should also know if any groups you're part of, such as a credit car club, sorority or fraternity, professional association, or other organization have partnerships with the insurance company to provide you with a lower premium. If you're a student, having had driver's education or good grades will reduce your rate. You can also mention if you've had a defensive driving course for some discounts.

3/ Ask for the best deal!

This is the principal advantage of using the telephone over other methods of securing a quote, in that you can actually talk with a real person and ask them not only for advice, but also flat out ask for the best deal that they have available.

This will not always result in a better deal then you might have got online, because comparison shopping for insurance quotes is a very powerful method of deciding between different companies. But you may find that you can at least find out what the best deal each individual company has on offer, without having to hunt around for discount coupons online.

Getting affordable car insurance over the phone is a matter of knowing what discounts you're eligible for and being willing to make sure that they're recorded on your policy. You should speak clearly, be organized, and be prepared to ask questions if there's something you don't understand. If you don't like looking for car insurance on the Internet and don't have time to go insurance shopping in person, just pick up the phone and get some rates that can get you started.

The best approach is really a combination of the two, and many people start off by getting some quotes online (see above) and then phone up the individual companies to get some clarity on policy details before finally taking it out.

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