The Insider's Guide to Cheap Car Insurance for Divorced Women  

The Insider's Guide to Cheap Car Insurance for Divorced Women

Buying a car and getting insurance for it can make many women feel vulnerable and confused. They sometimes feel like they will be taken advantage of in the buying process or out of their depth, perhaps because their husband previously took care of researching and buying the car insurance, or because they may not know that much abolut cars. These misgivings are understandable, because new experiences like dealing with auto insurance renewal can be unsettling, but of course, cheap car insurance for divorced women is just as easy to find as good value policies for any demographic, and is more a case of doing proper research a getting a variety of quotes then requiring any particular inside knowledge of cars or auto insurance!

Firstly, it is essential when looking for cheap car insurance as a divorcee that you first consider the type of car that you want insuring. What do I mean? Well, the good news is that even if you don’t like haggling, you can get a cheap insurance policy for your car just by buying the right one. This typically concurs with certain safety considerations as the insurance companies all operate from charts which show how safe different types of carare. Fortunately, these cars are often less expensive and very reliable, and tend to be more family oriented so are perfect if you have a family to consider.

Hence simply by planning ahead it is often possible to get cheap womens car insurance that won't break the bank, and which even your ex-husband would have trouble argueing represented anything less than great value for money!

Insurance companies charge more to insure high-value cars, higher risk cars like sports cars or ones that will break down easily. By shopping carefully, you can find a car that will come with cheap car insurance without being taken for a ride.

Some Typical Cars To Avoid To Keep Your Insurance Costs Down...

Cars are often sold on the basis of a list of features. Features like high horsepower, a sporty or glamorous image, high performance, and luxury or high tech gadgets can jack up the price of your insurance. For a car that’s easy to insure, also avoid big SUVs and very small cars that will perform badly in an accident. Also to be avoided are high prestige cars that are frequently stolen. Car insurance companies like to insure vehicles that won’t be taken. Minivans and family sedans, comparatively, are easy to insure affordably. You can also get a good price on small, practical two and four doors, and hybrid cars can also be discounted.

If you already have a car on the expensive list, there are a number of things you can try to lower your rate. Take a defensive driving course. Add anti-theft devices such as VIN etching on the windows to lower your rate. Changing your policy renewal from every six months to every year and having your payment automatically deducted can reduce your rate, as well as watching your mileage.

Car insurance companies raise rates at certain mileage classes, which is something you need to be aware of if you are looking for affordable auto insurance, especially if you travel a certain number of miles to work. If you’re below the cut off, you can get a good discount. Being affiliated with an organization, such as a professional association or union, could also get you a special discount on your car insurance, and watch out for any buying plans that are on offer from any womens organisations that you may be a member of, as often these will have bulk buying schemes that can significantly reduce the cost that their members have to pay for their car insurance. Alonside auto insurance you will also find that other types of insurance, such as term life insurance for women will also be covered by these types of organisations (very important if you are a divorced woman with a family), and so there is every chance that you will be able to sort out all of your insurance at a better rate.

Divorced women looking for good car insurance should also remember to be careful of their credit. Insurance companies are more and more frequently using credit as an indicator of accident frequency. This is getting a lot of criticism, but the practice is still in force, whether or not it is fair. A bad credit rating could raise your rate as much as a flashy vehicle. By being mindful of the kinds of car that get a discount and taking full advantage of other incentives for which you might be eligible, you can easily find an affordable auto insurance policy that will cover you. The process of getting car insurance doesn’t have to be intimidating if you shop smart.

It is always a good idea to start off by getting a selection of car insurance quotes, no matter what your particular circumstances, so that you can immediately see what any insurance is likely to cost, and then move onto the specifics of how you can go about potentially lessening the costs of that insurance AFTER you have a ball-park figure of what it might cost.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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