Easy Guide to Getting Affordable Non Profit Health Insurance  

Easy Guide to Getting Affordable Non Profit Health Insurance

With so many insurance companies operating on a for-profit basis, trying to make the most money off the people they insure, it seems like getting affordable health insurance is impossible. However, there are a number of companies available that provide health insurance, but aren’t out to make a profit. These include the well known Blue Cross/Blue Shield, as well as the Freelancers Union and many others. These rates at these non-profit health insurance companies may be significantly lower than rates from other health insurance providers. Non-profit providers and health insurance plans are expected to provide benefits to the communities which they serve, as part of an exchange for being exempt from many taxes. Many non-profit health insurance providers are closely tied to state governments.

You can visit the websites of non-profit health insurance providers to get quotes, apply online, and compare plans. Non-profit health insurers provide both individual and family coverage. Health savings accounts, short-term insurance, and children’s plans are also common. You may be able to use online utilities to compare prices in your specific zip code by submitting a little bit of personal data. People in good health will have the best luck getting affordable insurance rates, regardless of the nature of their insurer. If you have a pre-existing condition, consider using short-term insurance to cover the length of the time that your new insurer will not cover your condition.

Non-profit insurance providers may offer different plans, as well. These can include traditional insurance, which pays a percentage of charges after the deductible has been satisfied, or such newer options as preventative care and wellness service coverage. Non-profit insurance can be obtained through your employer, which is the way we are used to getting your insurance, or purchased individually. Since so many employers are cutting costs by dropping employee benefits, you might find it beneficial to look for individual insurance through a non-profit health insurance provider. Self-employed people and early retirees may find that they have trouble finding affordable health insurance as well.

When looking for affordable non-profit health insurance through a non-profit provider, you should go through many of the same steps as you do for other insurers. Be sure to compare rates and plans, and look into the insurance provider’s reputation. Check to be sure that they won’t raise your rates unexpectedly, or give you trouble when you file a claim. You can run your possible plans and health insurance companies past a professional insurance broker to help you figure out what non-profit health insurance is best for you. A broker will be familiar with many insurance companies, and be able to assist you in making informed decisions about your and your family’s health insurance. A little bit of research can help you find the best non-profit health insurance plan for you.



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