The Layman's Guide to Affordable Children's Health Insurance  

The Layman's Guide to Affordable Children's Health Insurance

If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to be worried about your child’s health. Health insurance is important for everyone, but especially for children, who get unexpected ailments and have accidents on a regular basis. With insurance premiums rising, it’s hard enough to find a good individual insurance plan, much less a family one. Thankfully, all states now offer children’s health insurance.

Depending on where you live, you might have to qualify for a specific income bracket, but in general, low cost insurance is available to the children of almost all families who make too much be covered by Medicaid. If your income is very low, your child’s insurance may even be completely free. Lack of awareness about their eligibility prevents many families from enrolling their children in one of the state children’s health insurance programs.

These programs began in 1997, and have been responsible for reducing the number of uninsured children in the United States from eleven million to under eight million. Efforts are continuing to get the rest of these children insured as soon as possible. If you think that you might qualify, be sure to check with your state’s insurance board and children’s health insurance program to find out what the eligibility requirements. Your children can be insured for a very small amount of money. For example, in Texas all the children in your household can be insured for fifty dollars or less every six months. The exact rate depends on your income and how many people are in your family.

Each state maintains a web site for the children’s health insurance program. You can find information about what services your family will qualify for there, as well as applications that you can download and send in. Middle class families who didn’t qualify for Medicaid used to have trouble insuring their children. If they didn’t have a family plan through work, they might have to buy costly individual policies. The state children’s insurance programs stop this from happening, and allow families to maintain coverage for their children.

You can also, of course, maintain coverage for your children through your employer’s group insurance plan, or find special individual plans meant for children or get affordable health insurance yourself.. These may provide more coverage than the state children’s insurance programs, but are also more costly. You can ask your insurance agent about plans to cover your children, either through a family plan, or individually. If you choose to use this avenue, you may find that comprehensive family plans are helpful, since they prevent you from having to worry about what your insurance will and will not cover.

There is a wide variety of options available for people who need to find health insurance for their family. Between family plans and state children’s insurance plans, you won’t have to worry about what will happen if your child gets sick or has an accident. Insurance is an important safety net for you and your family. Be sure that your child is insured.
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