A Guide to Health Insurance in New York (NY)

When assessing your need for New York Health Insurance there are a number of different factors to consider, because depending upon your particular medical status and age there are different avenues that you can pursue when it comes to getting health care cover.

Here are Four Options for Getting New York Health Insurance Cover:

1/ If you are a New Yorker aged under 26

The Affordable Care Act that is in its transitional phase until it becomes fully enacted in January 2014 is particularly good news for younger New Yorkers under the age of 26, because it offers the realistic prospect of both making their health care choices easier whilst keeping their costs down.

Like many good things that come the way of young adults, their parents have a big role to play in this! The reason for this is because up until now once you had turned 19 you would no longer be able to stay on your parents New York Health Insurance Policy, but would instead have had to get your own.

In the spirit of independence and freedom you might imagine that this would be good news to cut the umbilical cord with your parents. But the reality is really simply that the cost of the average younger New Yorkers health insurance would sky rocket, and they would look back fondly with tear-stained eyes to the days when they were getting a free-ride on the back of their parent’s health insurance policy.

Well, the good news is that that the good old days of care-free adolescence are back again thanks to the Affordable Care Act, because you can now stay on your parents policy up until the age of 26, even if you are married, or no longer live with them.

Honestly, if you are under 26 and don’t have access to a good work-based group scheme, then you should definitely check out this option first, because it is likely to be your cheapest way to get New York Health Insurance.

2/ Getting cover through your work

If you are over 26 and don’t have access to a kindly parents policy, then often the next best option is going to be to get cover through the place that you work.

Employer based Group New York Health Insurance Policies have the advantage that because of non-discrimination clauses in the legislation you won’t be turned away if you have a pre-existing condition.

This has come about because the insurers are able to balance out the fact that a proportion of the people in a group policy won’t make any claims, whilst another portion will make lots of claims. In effect the two groups balance each other out and so the insurance company is left with a profit, and you are left with health insurance cover, so everyone is a winner.

You also generally won’t have to have a medical for exactly the same reason, so they are potentially less intrusive to set up and get arranged.

3/ Individual New York Health Insurance Plans

The advantage of individual New York Health Insurance is that it offers far more flexibility than insurance that you get through an employer.

It is however subject to medical underwriting, and so you will have to have a medical examination, and there will be considerably more scrutiny over such areas as pre-existing medical conditions.

The insurance companies in New York will essentially be making a judgment call on how likely you are to make a claim based on the information you provide, and the medical exam.

If they think you are too big a risk and that they cannot make money on you, then they will reject you for cover.
It really is as simple as that.

Health insurance companies are most definitely not charities, and if there is no potential for profit, then they do not want your business.

4/ Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP)

If you find yourself in the position that you cannot access a workplace employer scheme, you are over 26 and cannot find a cozy home on your parent’s policy, and the insurance companies have rejected your application for an Individual New York Health Insurance Plan on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions or that you are too big a risk. Then you should still be able to get covered through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan if at least 6 months has elapsed since you last applied.

This legislation is aimed at reducing the number of people in New York who are uninsured, the percentage of which stood at 15% of the population in 2011.

Through pursuing each of these four options to their logical conclusions you should be able to get some kind of New York Health Insurance Cover that protects your health and that of your family, without costing the earth.


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