Exploring Professional Liability Insurance for Medical Aesthetics  

Exploring Professional Liability Insurance for Medical Aesthetics

As America ages, medical aesthetic procedures and anti-aging medicine are becoming more and more popular.  We have the ability to hold off the effects of age, and people in this country are determined to take advantage of it.  Over 12,000 Americans turn 50 every day, a trend which will continue for the next twenty years.  People in this age group are among the wealthiest and most sophisticated consumers in the United States, and are increasingly turning to medical aesthetics procedures to conceal the effects of aging and improve their appearance. 

These procedures can include Botox and collagen injections, laser hair removal, eyelash extension, and microdermabrasion, as well as many others.  Facilities which provide medical aesthetic services are often called “med spas.”  These facilities offer many services, which can include anti-aging and alternative medicine as well as the above-mentioned aesthetic procedures.  These procedures must be performed under the supervision of a physician, but their actual implementation can be done by a Medical Aesthetics Nurse Specialist.  This often results in a medical spa’s staff being composed of a number of these specialists supervised by a single physician trained in medical aesthetics procedures.  These physicians are referred to as Medical Directors.

Because medical aesthetics is such a new field, and because its procedures are not necessarily performed by a physician, liability insurance can be difficult to find.  Traditional insurance is not set up to handle the specific demands of the medical aesthetics field.  Many doctors are now expanding their existing practices by beginning to offer medical aesthetic procedures.  However, their existing malpractice insurance may not cross over to medical aesthetic practices.  If you are interested entering this fast-growing field, contact your insurance provider and legal adviser to make sure that you’re covered under your exiting insurance or can acquire the appropriate coverage.  Many insurers are now requiring offices adding aesthetic procedures into their practices to document training before coverage can be extended.  Both doctors operating medical aesthetics offices and Medical Aesthetics Nurse Specialists must carry malpractice insurance relating to these procedures.  Some doctors acting as Medical Directors of an office providing aesthetic procedures may be able to cover their Nurse Specialists under the umbrella of their own insurance, but this varies by provider.

Because of the growing popularity of the medical aesthetics field, many providers are beginning to offer insurance policies targeted for this purpose.  There also exist services to find providers that will offer coverage for such procedures as chemical peels, hormone therapy, acupuncture, and other medical aesthetics procedures.  Operators of offices which provide these services should know that the liability insurance for a traditional day spa will not cover them.  Professional liability insurance protecting against medical malpractice is required, with typical liability limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 in aggregate.  Payment for this insurance is generally required in advance.  However, this coverage is becoming less difficult to obtain as time goes on.


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