A Guide to Health Insurance in Iowa (IA)

Getting to the heart of what good Iowa Health Insurance Cover means involves understanding the process of going about getting the policy that is right for you. There are a large number of options when it comes to getting health insurance and so it is always worth periodically looking at your options to see if there may be a better fit for your circumstances.

In Iowa just 6% of the population (around 183,400 people) has Individual Iowa Health Insurance Cover, whilst the vast majority (56% or 1,659,300 people) has Group Iowa Health Insurance Cover through their employer.

Of the rest, 27% (785,600 people) are insured through government schemes like Medicaid and Medicare, and a further 12% of the population (345,000 people) is uninsured.

The figure of 12% of people who are uninsured is actually lower than the national average of 16%, and it is a disgraceful testimony to the American Healthcare system that in 2012 around 50 million Americans have no health insurance cover at all.

The reason that such a large percentage of Iowa Health Insurance comes via employment is that typically a relatively high proportion of medical expenses are met by companies, and so whilst the average cost of health insurance for a family of four in 2011 was $19,393 according to the 2011 Millman Medical Index, the families themselves would only have had to make a contribution of $8,008, which represents only around 40% of the cost.

Still, however you slice and dice the figures, the facts are that trying to find eight thousand extra dollars every year to pay for medical insurance is tough for most normal families, and this figure has been increasing by well-above inflation for many years. In 2002 the contribution that an average family of four would have to make towards their health insurance stood at $3,634. And so in just nine years it has more than doubled to $8,008, and there seem no signs of the increases letting up, with average family medical costs in America increasing by 7.3% between 2010 and 2011.

The first port of call for seeking out a better Iowa Health Insurance Plan should always be your employer, because it may be for example that they have introduced new schemes since you first signed up, and that in the intervening years other employees have been offered different medical insurance schemes then you are currently on.

It could well be that these are better, and so it is well-worth enquiring with your human resources department as to whether or not there are any alternative schemes available. If you find that there are, then don’t immediately jump ship without first checking that you have a life raft! Read through any policy documentation for the new policy very carefully, and fully understand any changes before committing yourself. It is often the case that new schemes offer FEWER benefits than older schemes, and so be very conscious that new does not always mean better.

If there are no alternatives at your workplace, but your wife works, then check out whether or not her employer has an Iowa Health Insurance Plan that is available for you to join. The fact is that if you do have a choice of two schemes that one will be better than the other, and so changing can offer an easy way of getting a new, better deal, with a minimum of fuss.

If neither of those two options are available then you should take a look at Individual Iowa Health Insurance Cover which you can find very widely online (including above).

Check out a number of different companies by getting some Iowa Health Insurance Quotes and compare what is on offer with what you currently have.

Remember that getting a quote does not commit you to buy anything, but it does at least mean that you will be better informed about what is currently on offer.


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