A Guide to Health Insurance in Wyoming (WY)

Trying to buy Wyoming Health Insurance is not a task that would fill most of us with abundant joy! But the fact is that health insurance is not something that you should leave to chance.

The rising costs of health care in the United States are well documented, but it is sometimes easy to lose sight of exactly how high the costs can be in your local state hospital.

The Wyoming Hospital Association have published statistics which shine a light on exactly how much the real cost of hospital treatments are in Wyoming, and these give a good indication as to why the costs of health insurance in Wyoming are often so high.

Here is a list of the Ten Most Common Types of Hospitalization in Wyoming in 2010, along with how much the treatments actually cost:

Normal Newborn - $2,462
Vaginal Delivery without Complications - $6,889
Joint Replacement or Reattachment - $47,485
Uncomplicated Cesarean Section - $12,451
Digestive Disorders - $10,828
Simple Pneumonia and Pleurisy - $11,183
Full-Time Infant with Other Problems - $3,582
Uterus and Adnexa Procedure - $17,609
Nutritional and Misc. Metabolic Disorders - $9,794
Bronchitis and Asthma without Complications - $7,392

It is interesting to reflect that even though these costs are already high, that these figures do not include surgical or anesthesiology costs and so they would actually be higher still if the bill for these treatments was to land on your doormat.

And despite the fact that these are the ten most common treatments, and hence the most likely for you to experience, the average cost is still a rather shockingly high $12,967.

And actually, that is on the cheap side of what some other less common treatments cost.

For example, a coronary bypass operation with the fitting of a cardiac catheter would cost $113,583, and others are even more.

There are some treatments like organ transplants that can literally cost more than the value of your house!

Of course if you have Comprehensive Wyoming Health Insurance then there is no problem, because the bulk of that would be paid by the insurance company; but without insurance (which in 2011 was 16% of the Wyoming population) you would find yourself with major financial headaches.

If you work for a business then often you will be able to become of a member of your workplace group policy, and often that can be a good choice.

Group policies are often simpler because they do not usually require the participants to have a medical, and you are guaranteed to be accepted.

They do not offer the same array of options as are available to you if you choose to get an Individual Wyoming Health Insurance Plan, but you won’t have to worry about the underwriting process, and because of the Affordable Care Act lifetime policy limits will soon become a distant memory.

Do Your Research…

It is a good idea to carry out some general research into the company that you are prospectively considering getting insurance from, and you can do this quite quickly on the Wyoming Insurance Departments website to check that the company is in good standing and that it is properly licensed with the state.

You may also want to check with a service like Moody’s, Ambest or Standard and Poor’s for the financial credit rating of the company, or else you can also carry out a similar check in your local library.

Health Care in Wyoming is expensive, and you should make sure that any company that is offering cover has enough financial clout to be able to potentially pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars on your behalf.

Plus, be sure to check out the details of the actual policy you choose such as what is not included, what cover is limited, and under what circumstances you will be expected to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Use Some Common Sense…

Above all you really need to use your common sense when getting health insurance in Wyoming, and try not to rely on the insurance companies to tell you every little detail of what you need to know.

They are in competition with each other, and inevitably some of the less palatable details of their cover will get glossed over in their marketing materials, so you need to be wise enough to sort the facts from the fiction when it comes to the different policies that you are choosing between.

If you do that however, then there is no reason why you cannot end up with a Wyoming Health Insurance Plan that will suit yours and your family’s needs perfectly.


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