How to Get Affordable Coverage for Health and Individual Insurance  

How to Get Affordable Coverage for Health and Individual Insurance

If you’re like the average person, you’re a little put off by the high rates for health insurance. Health insurance premiums are the highest they’ve ever been, and still rising. Because of this, over forty million people in the United States go without health insurance entirely. This is a dangerous choice, because no one knows when a medical emergency might strike. Debt from unpaid medical bills is the biggest cause of personal bankruptcy in the country. Unlike other kinds of debt, you don’t have the ability to say no when it comes to medical bills, because all of these services are required in a medical emergency. Health insurance is your safety net when disaster strikes. Going without it is risky at best.

If you don’t have health insurance, or are paying too much for your existing insurance, you’re probably interested in finding a lower rate. However, it can be hard to tell which health insurance is affordable and high quality, and which is merely cheap. It’s important to know that your insurer will be there when you need them. If they can’t be counted on to maintain consistent rates and pay your claims, cheap insurance isn’t much better than no insurance at all.

Consumer watchdog companies and ratings boards can help you decide if a given insurance company is worth your while. You can find some of this information on web sites. If you’d prefer to stay off the Internet, you can also ask a professional insurance broker which companies they would recommend. Brokers don’t work for any specific company, so they aren’t invested in promoting one in particular. They’ll be familiar with your local insurance market and the companies that work in it, as well as the laws in your state regulating insurance.

If your income is low enough, you could qualify for state benefits. All states now have free or low cost insurance for children, and some provide these benefits to adults as well. If you’re over 65 or disabled, you can of course get benefits through your state’s Medicaid office, but other adults may have trouble. Whether or not you will qualify for free or low cost affordable health insurance through your state or local public health program will depend on their particular regulations. If you qualify, you could benefit from significantly reduced rates. Many people who are eligible for these programs never apply because they either don’t know about them or falsely believe that they won’t qualify. To be sure, visit the website of your state insurance board or talk to them in person about the benefits they might offer. More affordable insurance can be yours if you’re willing to do some research and shop around. Be sure to look into the reputation of any insurance company that you’re thinking of applying for a policy with. Not all insurance companies are created equal. You want to be sure that yours is reliable, as well as cheap.
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