The Layman's Guide to Affordable, Cheap Health Insurance  

The Layman's Guide to Affordable, Cheap Health Insurance

If you’re looking for affordable, cheap health insurance, you could be in for a long search. Premiums are at record highs, and over forty million Americans are without health insurance because they can’t afford it. This puts them in a bind, since medical expenses can come out of nowhere, and pile up lots of debt. Many companies claim to offer cheap health insurance, but it can be hard to tell whether this insurance is really a bargain, or if the insurer is just trying to rip you off for whatever they can get. If you’re looking for affordable health insurance on a budget, you have a few options.

First, if you’re in a low income bracket, you can see if your state has a program that you can qualify for. All states have insurance programs that offer free or low cost insurance to children. Fewer offer these services to adults, unless those adults are over a certain age or are disabled. However, you might be able to qualify for your state’s Medicaid or other public health insurance program. These can cover anywhere from a portion of your medical expenses to everything, depending on your circumstances and income bracket. Many people who don’t believe that they qualify for their state’s insurance programs actually do, and aren’t taking advantage of these services out of ignorance. Check with your state insurance board to find out if you qualify for free or subsidized insurance.

If your income level is too high for state insurance, but still not quite enough for you to be happy paying the high premiums you have available now, you can try searching on the Internet. Many companies maintain web pages with free quotes and information about their insurance policies. All kinds of insurance plans are available to you through the Internet, and it’s the best place to gather a lot of information in a very short period of time. You’ll have to go through that information carefully to find the best plan, since many companies try to hide expensive add ons in plans that look cheap, or have low premiums because they don’t cover very much. A professional insurance broker can help you go through your prospective plans and tell you about the companies and their reputations. If you’re planning to be able to get group insurance through an employer soon, and only need to be covered for a little while, you can fill the gap with short term health insurance. This is the cheapest kind of insurance available, because it covers less than more traditional plans, but it serves as a good safety net in case of emergency.

Low cost, affordable, cheap health insurance isn’t hard to get if you’re willing to spend time looking. If you qualify for government support, you can find inexpensive insurance through your state. Otherwise, you’ll have to compare available plans to find the lowest rate that fits your needs. Insurance rates are high, but there are still some plans out there that won’t break the bank.
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