How to Get Affordable California Group Health Insurance  

How to Get Affordable California Group Health Insurance

Across the country, health insurance premiums are rising. In 2005, national total health expenditures went up almost seven percent, or twice the rate of inflation. By the year 2015, U.S. health care spending is expected to reach twenty percent of the Gross Domestic Product in this country. The annual average premium for a family of four was over eleven thousand dollars in 2006. This is more than many people make in a year. It seems impossible for some people to afford health insurance. So the pressing question is to get affordable california group health insurance?

Most of the affordable insurance available comes through group insurance. Because insurance companies are willing to offer lower rates to groups, this kind of insurance is more affordable than individual plans. This is what makes employer-provided insurance cheaper than insurance you purchase yourself. Many employers, unfortunately, are feeling the pinch of a very competitive economy, and have chosen to reduce or eliminate employee benefits.

It’s still possible to find affordable group health insurance in California. Not-for-profit insurance companies may offer somewhat lower rates than for-profit ones. Many insurance providers that used to advertise their group rates through conventional insurance agents have instead decided to work through in house representatives. These people tend to focus their sales efforts on larger groups, which means that many small employers and organizations aren’t aware of the deals that they could be getting. You can go directly to the insurance company to find out about some of these rates. Insurance provider web pages simplify this process by allowing you to see plans, rates, and even get quotes from the comfort of your home.

If you can’t get group insurance through your employer, it’s still possible to get group rates. Check with any professional organizations, unions, alumni groups, or other associations you might be a member of. These will often arrange with an insurance company to get lower rates for their members. As with all insurance companies, be sure to double check the background of any company your organization uses, since you can’t necessarily trust them to have made a good choice.

If you’re not a member of any organization or association that can help you get a lower rate, consider forming your own. Other people you know might be interested in getting a lower health insurance rate, and go in with you as a small group. You can stay on top of the rising insurance premiums that are such a problem in California and across the country by getting people together to get a group discount on your insurance. No matter what solution you choose, group health insurance is the most affordable option you can find. With just a little research, you should be able to find some group that you qualify to get a lower rate on your insurance through. This will reduce your insurance expenditures and make it possible to afford insurance. Health insurance is important for everyone to have, in case of emergency, and through group insurance, you can afford to be covered.

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