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Utah Health Insurance Quotes - A Guide to Health Insurance in Utah (UT)

There are some important facts to consider about Utah Health Insurance Plans before you finally take the plunge and buy a policy.

Utah had a large percentage of people without health insurance in 2011 (14%), and this is perhaps not surprising both because the costs of health insurance cover have more than doubled in Utah over the last ten years, and also because increasingly insurance companies are rejecting people based on their medical history and past medical conditions.

It is to address these issues that the Affordable Care Act was introduced, but the full force of that act will not be felt until January 2014, and until then there are only interim measures in place to help the situation.

As it stands Utah has one of the highest percentages of people in the country who are privately insured, as opposed to reliant on government schemes like Medicaid or Medicare, with 61% insured through workplace Group Utah Health Insurance Plans and a further 5% insured through Individual Utah Health Insurance Plans.

The significance of Group Utah Health Insurance is that often it is much easier to get than individual insurance, because different rules apply as to how you can go about getting it.

With workplace policies you can get covered without the need for a medical, and as long as other employees at the firm are being accepted then most of the time you are guaranteed to be accepted if you apply. The only exception to that is if you are not employed in a full-time capacity (or some other limited sets of circumstances); and that can make a tremendous difference if you already have pre-existing conditions and the insurance companies would otherwise not insure you.

The reason why you may be accepted into a workplace policy, but not on an individual policy are largely due to some of the legislative interventions over the years which has very much put a focus on increasing the amount of people with Utah Health Insurance through workplace schemes.

In many ways these are easier for the insurance companies to administer, because many thousands of people can come under the umbrella of a single policy and there is not the same amount of interaction generally needed between them and the company as individual policy holders, unless they need to make a claim. Additionally, because there are a large number of people, in some senses you get a “wisdom of crowds” affect, where high risk clients are balanced out against low risk clients, and you end up getting the “right answer” of a fairly average risk profile.

Often also, Utah Group Health Insurance is subsidized by the businesses that offer it, because it can act as an incentive to recruitment.

If you are not currently employed, or don’t have access to a workplace scheme, then it is not the end of the world, because most people can get individual Utah Health Insurance privately, and it does have certain advantages over other types of group plan.

The main advantages of individual policies are firstly that they give you a greater level of flexibility when designing your insurance, and secondly that they are not dependent on whom your employer is in order to arrange them.

 They can potentially cost more money in terms of monthly premium costs, but this is not always the case and it is always a good idea to arrange some quotes before moving forward.


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