A Guide to Health Insurance in Mississippi (MS)

Before finalizing the purchase of any Mississippi Health Insurance you should be careful to review all of your different options, and make sure that you are getting the best deal. This sounds obvious, but the fact is that even with an expense as great as health insurance, most people take the path of least resistance and either buy the cover from the first ‘reasonable’ source they find, or simply go with the insurance that is offered by their employer without checking out any other options.

Neither of these approaches is ideal because buying health insurance in Mississippi is a very significant purchase. The average cost for a family of four is over $8000 a year in the cost of the premiums, and because this cost is somewhat split (like car payments!) over the monthly premiums, it can end up being a cost that shocked you when you first had to buy the cover. But ever since have been slightly ‘numb to the pain’ of and simply paid it without giving a great deal of thought to maximizing the value.

And yet there are some common sense measures that you can take to at least make sure that the money you have to spend out on a Mississippi Health Insurance Plan is well-spent, and that you are getting the maximum value possible.

A Top Tip for Almost Instantly Lowering the Cost of Your Families Mississippi Health Insurance…

This is a very simple tip that many people miss because they get so caught up with worrying about checking out the Affordable Care Act’s provisions or what COBRA is all about.

Most health insurance in the United States is bought through employer policies, largely because it has now become almost a basic necessity to offer a ‘good medical plan’ as a part of the recruitment process.

Because health insurance in Mississippi and elsewhere in the United states is so expensive it means that employers often substantially subsidize the cost of their medical plans. As it is, the figure of $8000 a year may seem shocking, but the fact is that the Millman Medical Index tracks the average costs of healthcare every year in the United States and in 2011 it was $19,393 for a family of four. 

The figure of $8000 (actually $8,008) is the amount from that the employees are expected to pay, whilst the remaining $11,385 was paid by employers.

It is exactly for this reason that Group Mississippi Health Insurance Plans are so popular, because they at least bring the costs of health insurance down for the employees, and mean that most of us can (just about) afford it.
The thing is that the percentage of that total $19,393 average health care cost that is borne by the employees varies greatly depending on the company that you work for.

The Kaiser Family Foundation publishes statistics for employer percentage contributions to family coverage by state, and in Mississippi that figure is 70%; meaning that employees typically pay 30%.

However, depending on the company you work for, where they are incorporated and other factors this amount can vary between companies.

So for example your wife may work for a company that pays 78% (which is the average employer contribution in Pennsylvania for example) of the costs of her Mississippi Health Insurance.

Usually there is no problem with spouses or families being added to insurance policies, and so simply by moving either yourself to your partners cover, or your partner to your firms cover, you may instantly make a tremendous saving on the cost of your premiums.

You should always also be sure to get at least four other competing Mississippi Health Insurance Quotes, not only so that you can compare what you currently have to what is available, but also so that if necessary you can make tweaks to your existing policy if you find a feature or benefit that you like.

Most of the time it is possible to add addendums or variations to health insurance policies in Mississippi, it is simply a matter of possibly paying extra premiums.

In any case the important thing is too stay focused, engage with alternatives, and stay alert to the possibilities of making savings, so that you can end up with the best possible Mississippi Health Insurance Plan for the lowest possible price.


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