A Guide to Health Insurance in Wisconsin (WI)

If you are selecting Wisconsin Health Insurance then you may find yourself wondering how best to choose between policies, whilst being careful to avoid potential pitfalls.

In this article I am going to discuss Six Tips to Getting the Best Possible Wisconsin Health Insurance Plan WITHOUT Losing Your Shirt!

1/ Shop Around for Quotes

It sounds obvious, but it is surprising how few people actually take the time to shop around for Wisconsin Health Insurance Quotes so that they can actively compare what is available on the market.

There are a lot of companies selling health insurance in Wisconsin, and whilst it may sometimes seem like the insurance companies always have the whip hand, especially as premiums seem to continually rise (and did in fact double between 2002 and 2011) there are nevertheless price differences between policies.

You will often notice this quite clearly between HMO and PPO Plans, and there are also often differences between the terms and conditions of different policies. This means that even if one policy is not noticeably better than another on the price front, that it may well be better on the level of out of pocket expenses that it demands, co-payments, or the size of the network of hospitals that you have access to at the best possible costs for treatments.

Often with health insurance in Wisconsin the detail really does matter, and so it is important to read the actual policies and small print, and not just browse through the marketing literature.

2/ Do not feel pressured by insurance agents to make a decision

Sometimes if you are getting personal attention or advice from an insurance agent then there can be a subtle pressure (or sometimes a totally overt “hard sell”) to decide there and then as to the merits of a policy and sign up right away for cover.
You should resist the temptation to comply and instead sleep on any decision that you have to make.

The health insurance policy will still be available the next day, but a little more processing time will ensure that you are in fact making the right decision, and for the right reasons.

3/ Take stock of the insurance benefits that you may already have

If you already have a Wisconsin Health Insurance Plan with another company and are considering a change, then be very sure of exactly what you currently have, and may potentially be giving up, before you make a switch.

Often the terms and conditions of different policies can differ greatly, and it would be a mistake to change without first checking that the new policy has at least comparable (and preferably better) policies than the old.

You should take stock of exactly where you stand and then choose between then based on the facts of which is better.

4/ Do not make assumptions about premium costs

You should also not make any assumptions about premium costs that you are quoted.

Sometimes these are final figures and other times they are not, so you need to make sure.

If any information changes on the application or a medical is pending, then you can be sure that the cost of the premium is also likely to change, and so you should only ever choose between quotes that are final and not provisional.

5/ Don’t cancel your old policy until the new one is active

Especially if you are changing from one insurer to another then you should make sure that your new cover is active before cancelling the old cover.

Do not assume that you have got accepted simply because you have filled in the application form and had the medical.
You should wait for written confirmation that the new policy is active before cancelling your old Wisconsin Health Insurance Cover.

6/ Read the policy!

This goes both for when you are first deciding on which policy to buy (so that you can choose the best one); and also once you have signed up for a policy.

When the policy document lands on your mat you should read it through again, and make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions, and exactly how the policy works, when you can claim, where you can go for treatments and all the details regarding other matters such as out of pocket expenses.

Be especially prudent about reading the section that outlines the limitations of the policy, and what is not included.
Health care costs can be dramatically expensive, and you do not want to find yourself inadvertently having to pay them all yourself because you did not read your policy documentation through thoroughly.

Finally, above all use your common sense and treat the process of researching cover seriously.

You can get a Wisconsin Health Insurance Plan that will suit your needs, but you may have to do a little work to find it.


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