Quick Guide to Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses in Texas  

Quick Guide to Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses in Texas

Whenever possible, we want our employers to offer a health insurance option. No one knows when an emergency might happen, and insurance is our safety net to keep us from financial disaster. Since the single biggest reason that Americans file for personal bankruptcy is unpaid medical expenses, we all need insurance to keep us out of the red. Group insurance is always cheaper than individual plans, even when purchased in small groups. Small businesses in Texas that want to offer benefits to their employees will include group health insurance access. It can be hard to know which plan to choose, though, or where to start.

To get a quote, you’ll need a census of the employees. This information include the number of employees, birth dates, genders, and the birth dates of any dependents they might have. You’ll also need to provide the date you founded your company and the date that you would like coverage to start. Be aware that if some of your employees are not interested in group coverage, you could have problems getting a plan. Some insurance providers require you to get coverage for all employees.

Group health insurance is valuable part of an employee compensation package that will make your workers feel valued and more loyal to you. Insurance coverage makes you more likely to retain existing employees and attract new ones. Plus, businesses that offer insurance can benefit from special tax incentives. You can generally deduct 100% of the premiums paid on a qualifying group health plan. By offering insurance as part of your benefits package, you may also be able to reduce your payroll taxes. Employees value health insurance coverage almost as much as their paychecks, so offering the benefit of group health insurance is a great incentive for them to keep working with you.

You’re eligible to offer group health insurance if you are a legitimate business entity. Full time employees of any small business that reports wage taxes can partake in its group health insurance package. Since insurance providers increasingly rely on in house sales representatives, instead of traditional insurance agencies, you may have to go looking for a good affordable health insurance plan yourself. Many small businesses don’t hear about the group plans that are available because the in house representatives tend to focus on larger businesses. Fortunately you can get online quotes from many insurance companies, making the process of going to them that much less painful. There are also some sites online which have tools available to help small business owners compare various plans and decide which one is best for them and their companies. These tools can revolutionize the way that small businesses provide their employee benefits. Any small business with full time employees can benefit from providing group health insurance plans. You’ll be seen as a good employer, and inspire worker loyalty if you can offer them affordable insurance benefits, as well as enjoying tax incentives. With a little shopping around, you’ll be sure to find the best policy for your small business.



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