A Guide to Health Insurance in Florida (FL)

Buying Florida Health Insurance can a challenge because there are such a large number of options available, and knowing which of them is best for you and your family is not always easy to figure out.

Health insurance effectively protects you against the incredibly high costs of health care and provides a financial buffer zone so that you can seek out treatment based on need, rather than the ability to pay.

Statistics from the Florida Hospital Association show that in 2010 there were 779,007 admissions in Florida and here are just three of the reasons for those admissions, along with the number of people admitted in the year with those symptoms.

Gastro Intestinal and Digestive Disorders – 84,330
Heart Failure – 65,283
Hip and Knee Replacement – 60,583

Now consider the following average costs for treatment related to the above admissions, and you start to get more of a flavor why getting you Florida Health Insurance Cover arranged should be such a top priority.

Gastro-Intestinal Bypass Surgery – Typically $25,000 +
Coronary Heart Bypass Grafts - $100,000 +
Heart Surgery - $200,000
Fitting a Heart Pacemaker - $40,000 - $60,000
Hip Replacement Surgery and Aftercare – $15,000 - $50,000

Many treatments that are very common such as hip replacements and knee replacements are still very expensive to perform, and because there is often a great deal of post-operative recovery work done in the swimming pool and gym with a physiotherapist it is not uncommon for the final cost of these procedures to come in at over $50,000.

In some cases this is actually on the low side and if there are complications or a lengthy hospital stay is required, than the figures can skyrocket to well beyond those levels.

In a country like the UK or Sweden there is no problem for the individual with these costs, because healthcare is free at the point of delivery.  But in the United States it is still very much a lottery as to whether or not you will have to go bankrupt if you have a stay in hospital and don’t have health insurance (which 1 in 6 people do not); because costs of $50,000 plus for hospital treatment are not uncommon.

It therefore becomes even more important to fully explore the range of Florida Health Insurance options that you have, and seek out a policy that offers good levels of cover, so that you never find yourself in the situation of considering refusing treatment simply on the basis that you cannot afford to have it done.

If you can afford it then it is a good idea to seek out policies that offer traditional major-medical coverage, because these have more features then more basic Florida Health Insurance Policies.

The way these work is that you will pay a deductible, which will be the first portion of any health care cost, and then the policy will pay out 80% of the costs above that, whilst you pay the other 20%. Above a certain maximum limit that you will have to pay, these policies will then pay out 100% of the cost of the rest of the covered expenses.

These also have the advantage that you are not restricted to a particular Doctor or hospital, and so you can seek out experts in a particular field if the need arises to deal with your health issue, without fear that you won’t be able to pay for it, or be restricted to a medical practitioner with less experience in another hospital.

You should first get some different Florida Health Insurance Quotes to see exactly what is currently on offer and then dig deep into the detail to see how much cheaper you might be able to get covered if you changed to a different insurance provider.


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