Quick Start Guide to Individual Health Insurance in Ohio  

Quick Start Guide to Affordable Individual Health Insurance in Ohio

Whether you’re changing your insurance plan in Ohio, or have just moved there and need a new policy, you’ll need to know some things about how to get affordable individual health insurance in Ohio. Health insurance works by having everyone in the system pay into a pool. even when they’re healthy. That money is then used to pay for the medical expenses of those members who get sick. Because of rising health care costs, and other problems, health insurance premiums have been increasing in recent years. In 2005, health insurance rates climbed almost seven percent – that’s twice the rate of inflation that year. These rate increases mean it’s getting harder to find affordable individual plans in Ohio and across the country.

Health insurance is a must for everyone. You never know when illness or sudden accidents are going to occur, bringing with them disastrous medical bills. The biggest cause of personal bankruptcy declaration in the United States is debt relating to medical procedures. To avoid such catastrophe, it’s important to maintain continuous health insurance coverage. In Ohio, uninsured people have several options for getting coverage, in addition to the usual individual plans that can be purchased from insurance companies. Even people with pre-existing conditions have the chance to get affordable insurance, since the Ohio Department of Insurance mandates that all companies must hold an open enrollment period for these people. They may be subject to higher rates than other people, but during this open enrollment period, the insurance companies cannot turn them down for coverage.

Ohio also offers Medicaid and Healthy Families policies to people who meet income and eligibility criteria, as well as the Best RX program - a discount program that covers prescription drugs for older residents who have low incomes. Residents under 60 can also qualify for this program if they have very low incomes. In addition to these programs, Ohio residents can look for individual plans using the Internet. Many insurance companies maintain web sites that will give out personalized quotes almost instantly. You can easily get the information you need to obtain an individual insurance policy this way.

Be sure to check up on the backgrounds and customer ratings of any company you find this way, particularly ones that do not operate in the state of Ohio. Some consumer protection laws may not apply to out of state companies, which could leave you vulnerable to rate increases and other problems. You can easily find industry watchdogs and consumer information that will tell you what people think of prospective insurance providers and how well they are rated. It’s important to be able to rely on your insurance provider to take care of you when a medical emergency strikes. With a little work, it’s easy to find an individual insurance plan that will fit your needs and budget, whether you qualify for one of the state-assisted plans or decide to go with a mainstream insurance provider.



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