A Guide to Health Insurance in Illinois (IL)

When looking to buy Illinois Health Insurance it is first important to realize that the insurance companies are not obligated to cover you (though that may change); and that applications are subject to normal underwriting procedures that all insurance goes through.

For an Illinois Health Insurance Plan this would typically include such factors as:

Health Status
Credit Score
Smoker vs. Non-Smoker
Family Health History
Pre-Existing Conditions
Use of Drugs
Use of Alcohol

Most of these are common sense and the insurance companies have large amounts of data that have already been crunched about these factors, how they interact, and effect that this will most likely have on the amount that you will claim on your policy.

Clearly there is a financial interest to the insurance companies to price their product at a level where they make significant profits and this shows up both in the seemingly unstoppable rise in the cost of health insurance premiums, and also in the industries reluctance to provide cover to people with pre-existing conditions or who they believe from the data have a greater propensity to make a claim on their insurance.

This shows up in Illinois for example in the fact that 15% of the population (1,863,800 people) have no health insurance, and that 28% of the Illinois Population are only covered by Medicare or Medicaid according to figures from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Nevertheless, if you can find a way to afford to purchase Illinois Health Insurance then it is a good idea to do so, because the cost of medical treatment in the United States is now so huge that tales of people avoiding getting medical attention because they simply cannot afford it are now commonplace.

If you have decent health insurance in Illinois then you will be well placed to get good treatment, because whilst the health care system in the US in many ways fails the poorest members of society, it does generally offer high quality levels of care for those who can afford it.

It is also worth reflecting on the fact that in many ways getting an Illinois Health Insurance Plan is a bit like buying protection against a catastrophic financial event, namely you falling ill and having to have treatment. Because in any given year roughly half of the health care spending goes on just 5% of the population and this can be accounted for by the fact that certain medical procedures are almost mind-blowingly expensive.

For example, if you need an intestine transplant in the United States then you can realistically expect to have to pay over a million dollars for the procedure.  Whilst a heart transplant could set you back in the region of three quarters of a million dollars, and a liver transplant half a million dollars.

The 2011 Millman Research Index carries up to date statistics on the average costs of health insurance in the United States, and shows that the average healthcare costs for an American family of four in 2011 was $19,393.

In 2002 this figure was just $9,235 and so in the space of less than ten years the cost of health insurance in the United States has doubled for average families.

Even accounting for the fact that group insurance policies that families can apply for when they work for large companies account for a large share, and so they don’t have to pay all of this cost. In 2002 families were paying $3,634 of the cost in real-terms, but by 2011 that had jumped to $8,008.

The reality is that now more than ever you need to shop around everywhere you can for Illinois Health Insurance Cover, because it is now such a substantial portion of most families yearly budgets that even very small percentage savings between policies can mean saving thousands of dollars every year.

Start off by getting a selection of Illinois Health Insurance Quotes and compare closely what they offer and on what terms.
You can get a cheaper than average deal if you look closely, but don’t expect to get your Illinois health insurance cheap because it simply doesn’t exist.


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