A Guide to Health Insurance in Kansas (KS)

The Kansas Health Insurance market has been undergoing big changes in the last few years, with by far the largest percentage of health care costs being met by employer group policies (54%), but with sizeable help from government schemes like Medicaid and Medicare (28%).

The percentage of Individual Kansas Health Insurance Policies is relatively low at just 6%, and it is shocking to realize that more than double that amount of people (over 350,000 in Kansas alone) have no insurance at all.

And yet, ironically, Kansas does better in this regard then many other states, with Texas for example having uninsured rates of 33% amongst its non-elderly adult population.

The health insurance market in Kansas is dominated by big firms, with over 96.5% of the companies offering health insurance in Kansas having 50 or more employees. And due probably to the huge financial rewards that are available in healthcare, there is a great deal of choice when it comes to which Kansas Health Insurance Company to get your insurance with.

Often time’s people do not fully avail themselves of these options, because most commonly they are insured through the group policy that they have as a result of being an employee at their place of work. This typically pays around 60% of the costs of healthcare premiums, and then employees make up the balance of the payments which are normally in the region of 40% of the cost of the premiums.

In terms of what this actually costs, recent figures from 2011 show that the average healthcare costs that a family of four would be expected to pay would be in the region of $8,000, whilst the balance of $11,500 or so would be paid by the employer.

Group Kansas Health Insurance Plans often offer the best rates because they involve greater numbers of people, have larger economies of scale and can command greater discounts because of the large sums of money that are involved.  They also have the advantage that they usually do not demand a medical because they assume a kind of ‘balancing’ effect due to the large numbers of people that are enrolled. In other words, some of the people will be young and fit, whilst others will be older and have more health problems.

These are of course generalizations, but they seem to work where there are large numbers of people. These Group Kansas Health Insurance Plans essentially carry on with this supposition with certain checks and balances in place that ensure that a minimum level of premiums is maintained, set against the amounts of money that are paid out for actual health care.

It is also a good idea to check out Individual Kansas Health Insurance Plans by getting some quotes, because these often offer levels of flexibility that group policies simply do not offer. If you are relatively fit and have no pre-existing conditions, then there are many good deals available, and you may be able to find one that is a better fit for your unique circumstances.

Price wise individual plans are often not the cheapest option, but if you end up with a policy that actually covers you for everything that you need, then it may be that this is a better option than the group policy, and it is a good idea to pursue every avenue in order to find the very best policy for you.


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