A Guide to Health Insurance in Indiana (IN)

The costs of health care in the United States keeps going up and so too does the cost of Indiana Health Insurance along with it.

About 50% of the market for health insurance in the United States is taken up with large group health insurance policies, which allows big businesses to subsidize the cost of health insurance for their employees. 

And in reality they badly need too, because the costs of health insurance for an average family of four have now spiraled upwards to $19,393 in 2011, compared to $9,235 in 2002 according to the 2011 Millman Medical Index.

A large part of this cost is met by businesses for their employees, but even so the average share of that which employees are now expected to meet is $8,008 in 2011, compared to $3,634 in 2002. So there is a worrying year on year trend for increases in the cost of health insurance that seem to have only very limited reasoning (apart from the fact that insurance companies want to make a lot of money) in the real world.

And of course if you are responsible for all of your health insurance costs on your own, then you face a substantial bill, which you may not necessarily be able to afford.

In the United States as a whole about 15% of the population have no health insurance of any kind, and that is perhaps not surprising given that at an Indiana Minimum wage of $7.25 and a 35 hour week, over half the year of the main wage earners money could be spent paying for his families Indiana Health Insurance Cover!

However, regardless of what you might feel about the economics of health insurance in the United States or Indiana in particular, the fact is that not having any health insurance is a considerably worse prospect then somehow finding a way to pay for it.

There are now many medical procedures which routinely cost in excess of $100,000 and without an Indiana Health Plan that covers you for them you may find yourself in a series of desperate choices between your family’s finances and your family’s health.

The good news is that despite all the doom and gloom about the rising costs of health insurance that there are still considerable differences between how much individuals will pay for their insurance, and so if you are a pretty healthy individual who is younger than 40, then you will have to pay much less to get good medical insurance in Indiana then those with pre-existing conditions, or who are older.

To illustrate this, consider that statistics from the Millman Medical Index show the following variations based on the characteristics of the person applying for the Health Insurance Cover in Indiana, or anywhere else in the United States:

1/ A man of between 25 and 29 will typically have healthcare costs that are six times less than a man aged 60 to 64.

2/ A female who is aged 25 to 29 typically has healthcare costs that are two and a half times greater than a man who is aged between 25 and 29 (largely due to the costs of pregnancy).

The insurance industry are well aware of these statistics and many others and use them constantly when assessing how much of a premium to charge someone for a policy. So if you are seeking Indiana Health Insurance and happen to be a male of between 25 and 29, or any other demographic that they have firmly identified as claiming less, then the upshot is that you will be asked to pay lower health insurance premiums.

As with most things in life there is no way of knowing what the real situation is with regards to how much insurance cover might cost you, until you actually go and apply for a few quotes and see what the current price of some policies is.

By going through that process and comparing what is on offer then you will immediately be able to contrast the various policies and get a better deal then you otherwise would.

So, check out several Indiana Health Insurance Quotes right now and learn what the real market price for your health insurance cover is as-of today and potentially save some money by comparing policies.


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