Does Free Health Insurance Coverage Really Exist?  

Does Free Health Insurance Coverage Really Exist?

Free health insurance seems like an oxymoron. Health insurance is one of the biggest expenses many families face in this country. It regularly costs more than the average income of a minimum wage earner to buy insurance to cover a family. With premiums at record highs, and no sign of falling, can there possibly be such a thing as free health insurance? The answer is yes, but it’s a qualified yes. You can find free health insurance if you meet certain specific criteria.

Children across the country can be insured for free through the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This insurance will pay for doctor visits, prescription medicines, hospitalizations and other medical expenses incurred by qualifying children. Every state’s program is a little different, so it is important to check with your state insurance board to find out what the requirements are for your family to qualify for free children’s insurance. These programs can offer uninsured children the chance to go to the doctor when they need to, get glasses, and have dental care that may have been ignored because their families couldn’t afford to take them to the doctor. Only the poorest families are likely to qualify for free health insurance for their children, but even middle class families are offered lower premiums than they can find on the private insurance market. Families making less than two thousand dollars a month can received completely free health insurance for their children in some states.

Finding free health insurance for adults is a more difficult matter. Once again, whether or not governmentally funded free health insurance is available for you is related to your income. Adults 65 years of age and older with a low income may be able to get free health insurance through Medicare. Other adults may qualify for federally or state funded insurance plans based on their income and other requirements. This depends on the state in which you live. While all states have free children’s insurance available, fewer have similar programs for adults.

In Washington state, pregnant women with income under a certain level can qualify for free health insurance for the duration of their pregnancy. Adults with families and some singles with lower incomes also have the possibility of getting free or low cost health insurance through the public health system. Whether or not you will qualify for such a service depends on your state and its individual requirements. Again, not all states maintain such a system for adults, so you’ll have to contact your state insurance board to find out whether you can qualify for free health insurance.

Free health insurance isn’t a myth, but only certain people in particular income brackets can qualify for it. Fortunately, most programs that offer free health insurance also offer lower cost health insurance to those who can’t qualify for complete assistance. Your state insurance board could be the answer to lower premiums or free coverage for you and your family.
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