A Guide to Health Insurance in Minnesota (MN)

Private health cover has developed as a way that the costs of health cover can effectively be evened out amongst everyone, without having to pay out the huge sums that health treatments can cost.

The best way of doing this in Minnesota is through getting Minnesota Health Insurance that offers good levels of cover, but for a price that you can afford.

Now, of course the difficult part is actually finding this Holy Grail combination! 

In truth this has got more difficult over the last ten years, because according to statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation the premiums that the average family is paying out for health insurance every year doubled between 2002 and 2011, so that they are now on average paying over $8000 a year for cover.

This is far from being a small amount and is like every family in the United States buying a new Ford Focus car every two years. So in the same way that you would give a great deal of research and careful thought when you buy a new car, take different models out for test drives, check out the fuel efficiency and how much the auto insurance will cost.

You should also go through exactly the same process with Minnesota Health Insurance Plans when you are first looking to get a new policy, and then periodically, preferably every year, but at least every two years to check to see whether it is still competitive, or whether in fact you can find a better deal elsewhere.

The more money you spend the higher the amount of coverage you are going to get from your Minnesota Health Insurance Plan. But you shouldn’t automatically assume that the policy that has the highest amount of cover is the best, because with health insurance in Minnesota the detail of exactly what the levels of co-payments and other out of pocket expenses are can vary dramatically.

Often you are better off going for a policy where the out-of-pocket expenses are kept to a minimum, because realistically whilst there are some operations and medical procedures that cost over a million dollars (intestine surgery for example); most medical plans include considerably higher levels of overall cover then this.

The insurance companies in Minnesota and elsewhere in the United States realize that most procedures cost under $10,000, and so optimizing the out of pocket expenses so that they are the greatest at the lower levels means that they can create the impression of offering tremendous value, at the same time as only very infrequently having to pay out the massive sums for heart bypass operations and other organ replacement surgeries.

Nevertheless, it is important to balance the two because whilst it may be rare to need treatment that costs millions, there are a far higher percentage of $10,000 - $100,000 claims that can just as easily ruin you financially if you have to pay them.

The good thing about the internet is that whilst explaining health insurance in Minnesota used to be the primary domain of stiff-suited insurance salesman, all of the information is now readily available to everyone simply by taking the time to do some searches on Google or the Minnesota insurance commissioner’s website.

And in turn there is now the ability to get fast quotes for Minnesota Health Insurance and judge for yourself what constitutes a good deal, based on the actual facts, and not slick talk.

It is a good idea to do exactly that right now so that you can be sure the cover you have selected is the very best available for the dollars that you have to spend on health insurance in Minnesota.         


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