How to Get Affordable Group Health Insurance in Florida  

How to Get Affordable Group Health Insurance in Florida

Health insurance costs in Florida are skyrocketing. Residents of Florida who can afford insurance pay an average of over eleven thousand dollars a year per family. This is about the average yearly income of someone making minimum wage. Most of the affordable plans have to come through group insurance. Insurance companies offer lower rates when a group buys a plan. This is why insurance through your employer is more affordable than buying it as an individual. However, many employers perceive this as too expensive, and cut costs by dropping their employee benefits. This causes their workers to join the over forty thousand Americans who are without health insurance.

It’s possible to find good group health insurance in Florida. Many companies that offer group discounts on health insurance no longer do so through conventional insurance agencies. They prefer to keep their own in house representatives. Because these people tend to target larger organizations, it can be hard to find out about the group rates that are available. However, you can still get these group rates by going directly to the insurance company. Since most insurance providers now have websites, you can get good insurance information from them merely by visiting and applying for a quote. While not all sites offer quote for group rates, you can still find out some information about their plans and the rates for each plan, even if an online quote isn’t available.

Group health insurance can be acquired through your employer. If you don’t have an employer that offers insurance, or are retired or self-employed, you can still get group health insurance. Check with any professional organizations that you might be affiliated with, including unions and alumni organizations. These groups often contract with an insurance company for a lower rate that you can get on an individual plan. If you don’t have access to any of these organizations, you can consider forming your own small group with other people who have the same interest in getting affordable group health insurance that you do. Stay ahead of the rising insurance rates that are plaguing Florida residents by getting together some people who you can go on group insurance with.

Wherever you find it, group health insurance is the more affordable option to finding health insurance in Florida. With a little research, you should be able to find some group that you qualify to get a group policy through, cutting your insurance expenditures. Health insurance is almost a requirement these days, but affording it is a lot harder. Be smart and use group health insurance whenever possible. Buying affordable health insurance in Florida can mean that you’re going to have to do a lot of shopping and making smart comparisons, but when you’re done, you’ll find that the effort was worth it. You can find an affordable plan to keep you out of debt should an emergency occur, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re covered.
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