So, What is the Best Affordable Health Insurance?  

So, What is the Best Affordable Health Insurance?

High premiums have made health insurance seem like more of a luxury than a necessity. Insurance rates are the highest they’ve been in history, and show no signs of falling. In recent years, insurance premiums have increased by as much as seven percent. That’s twice the rate of inflation. We spend a huge amount of our salaries on health care, and it seems like the situation is only going to get worse. More than forty million people in this country go without health insurance every day. Ten million of them are young singles. The rest have families to worry about on top of being unable to afford insurance. Unfortunately, they can’t afford the high premiums that most insurance companies charge, and are at risk for accruing huge medical bills should something ever happen. So, the question of what is the best affordable health insurance is on everyones insurance wish list!

Many people who don’t have insurance put off getting the medical care they need because they’re afraid of the debt they might incur. This fear is justifiable – the single biggest cause of personal bankruptcy in this country is unpaid medical debt. Even outpatient hospital services can climb to a sum of tens of thousands of dollars. An emergency room visit might cost several thousand. An extended hospital stay is even more. With these kinds of expenses, it’s clear that health insurance is no luxury. Insurance can mean the difference between unpayable medical debt and being covered in case of an emergency.

The best affordable health insurance will be different for every person. Obviously, in general you want a plan that fills your needs while costing the least amount possible, but since every person has a different medical history, they will also have different needs. Every individual will also have a different budget to devote to buying health insurance. In general, healthy people need less coverage than those with pre-existing conditions. Ironically, the latter are the ones who usually have the hardest time finding affordable health insurance. Almost all states at least have a high-risk pool that will insur anyone, but that insurance is very expensive, and a last resort.

In general, the most reliable health insurance is group insurance through your job. It’s generally not very expensive, and your employer will probably contract with a well-known company. Insurance providers give discounts to businesses and other organizations that can buy their health insurance in a group. The problem occurs when you can’t get this kind of coverage. Employers are increasingly reducing the benefits they offer their employees. Self-employed people and others who don’t qualify for state benefits, but also don’t have insurance through their job can also have trouble getting insurance. In these cases, it’s best to search the web for insurance companies’ sites, or look up the companies in your area to find information about rates and plans. You can then compare this information to figure out what plan is the best for your needs.
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