The Easy Guide to Mental Health Professional Liability Insurance  

The Easy Guide to Mental Health Professional Liability Insurance

Mental health professionals, like other health care workers, need to have professional liability insurance. This insurance protects you against lawsuits, because no matter how well you perform your duties, there is always the chance of being sued. Even suits without any grounding require time and money that you can’t afford, and as more and more lawsuits come onto the scene, so does your need for liability insurance. Even if the law doesn’t mandate liability insurance for your particular profession, you can stand to benefit from the protection that it offers. Professional liability insurance can save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the case of a wrongful suit against you.

Litigation against mental health professionals has increased significantly in recent years. More and more people are choosing to sue over real or imagined problems with the care they receive. Failure or negligence in the provision of your mental health services could result in the court awarded damages to the plaintiff – money that you can’t afford to spare. Professional liability insurance covers these cases, as well as the legal fees in cases of wrongful suits brought against you. If you work in a high risk field, such as drug counseling, the chances of being sued are higher, but even low risk fields are in need of professional liability insurance.

When looking for mental health professional liability insurance, be sure to examine the providers you’re interested in. Different insurers offer a wide range of coverage at vastly different rates. As with all kinds of insurance, if you’re looking for a good rate and a good plan, the best way to find them is to scout around. Collect information from the websites of all the providers that interest you, and compare them. Many sites offer quotes online, making it even easier for you to tell which is the best provider for your mental health liability insurance.

Professional liability insurance is something that no mental health care professional should be without. It protects you in case of error or wrongful suit, and prevents you from finding yourself in a bind over legal fees. You should carry at least the standard amount of coverage required by your state – your insurance agent should be able to tell you just what that number is. The actual required amount of coverage varies by location. You do not have to be licensed to receive mental health professional liability insurance. Some fields do not require licensure, and are thus exempt from this requirement. Postdoctoral candidates who are working towards their license can also be covered. Your insurance provider will, however, require that you comply with all applicable laws in relation to your professional practice. You may be able to receive discounted insurance through professional associations, such as the American Psychological Association. These organizations may have their own requirements to receive liability insurance, in addition to those already stated, but they can often provide this important insurance at a greatly reduced rate to their members.
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