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10 Fast Facts About Idaho:

1/ Idaho was the 43rd state admitted to the Union on the 3rd July 1890.

2/ The deepest canyon in the United States is Hell's Canyon which is 10 miles wide and is located along the border of Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho. It has North America's deepest river gorge at 7,993 feet, which was carved out by the wonderfully named Snake River over millennia.

3/ The highest mountain in Idaho is Borah Peak which stands at 12,662 feet and is named after William Borah (1865 - 1940) who was a US Senator for Idaho between 1907 and 1940.

4/ The all-time lowest temperature recorded in Idaho was -60 F (-51 C) at Island Park Dam on the 18th January 1943. Whilst the highest ever recorded temperature was 118 F (48 C) at Orofino on the 28th July 1934.

5/ The normal average low and high temperatures for three large cities in Idaho in August as measured in Fahrenheit:

Pocatello - 51 / 88
Boise - 59 / 90
Lewiston - 60 / 89

6/ The most common reported ancestries in the state of Idaho are: German (18.9%), English (18.1%), Irish (10%), American (8.4%), Norwegian (3.6%), and Swedish (3.5%).

7/ Around 25% of the total population of Idaho live in the County Seat of Boise.

8/ The largest man made geyser in the world can be found in Soda Springs, Idaho. It has been capped and generally is uncapped manually on the hour, because unlike other geysers that stop and start naturally, the geyser at Soda Springs kept on spraying continuously and was in danger of ruining the local's main tourist attraction by running out of carbon dioxide gas to power it after it was first drilled into in 1937. Hence it is now capped to preserve the gas, and is uncapped when the tourists need a show. On windless days the geyser is reported to reach heights of between 100 and 150 feet.

9/ The oldest brick church in Idaho is Saint Stanislaus Church which can be found in Rathdrum.

10/ The state fish of Idaho is the Cutthroat Trout.

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