A Guide to Home Insurance in Idaho (ID)

The open plains of Idaho step aside for the bigger cities of Boise, Nampa and Meridian where it becomes essential that if you are a homeowner, that you sort yourself out with a quality Idaho Home Insurance policy that is properly able to protect you in the event that your home is robbed, or suffers from a fire.

What does an Average Idaho Home Insurance Policy costs?

The average cost of home insurance in Idaho was by far the cheapest of ANY other state at just $387 in 2008, and so there is no excuse not to get good cover because Idaho residents are blessed with relatively preferential rates.

To get into perspective how much lower they really are, you simply have to realise that the average cost of home insurance in Texas was $1460 in the same year. So for roughly the same amount as you would pay in three and half years in Idaho for Home Insurance, you would pay in just one year in Texas.

The average cost of home insurance in Idaho is so demonstrably lower because Idaho does not suffer from the massive storm damage that Texas or Florida are unfortunate enough to experience on a regular basis. And hence the insurance companies in Idaho are far more willing to cover people for home insurance, because they know that the odds of catastrophic loss (for example as may be caused by a Tsunami) are much less likely to happen.

Even so though, you should still not settle for the first Idaho Home Insurance quote that comes your way. You should still be sure to check with a variety of companies, because after all, whilst you do need to get covered, you certainly don’t want to spend any more money than you have to.

Crime Rates in Idaho

The crime rates in Idaho are also relatively low, but even so the chances of becoming a victim of property crime in the state are still 1 in 45, so it is still a real possibility. And annually there were 32,019 crimes against property in 2010 in Idaho, including 6,701 burglaries and 23,650 thefts.

So, even though they are less common, it is still something that you would be wise to insure yourself against.

Because Idaho is such a large state (in terms of size), but with a relatively small population, it has one of the overall lowest crimes per square mile figures at just 1, when the national average in the United States is 41.8.

How to get BETTER Than Average Idaho Home Insurance…

The first step to getting a better policy, even in a place like Idaho where the rates are low, is to be sure to get a variety of quotes off a number of different companies.

You will find that there can be fairly wide disparities between two companies even on virtually identical policies. So you don’t want to go with the very first quote, even if it seems very low.

Get a couple more Idaho Home Insurance Quotes and then compare them all in terms of price, value and overall quality before finally settling on one to buy.


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