A Guide to Getting Cheap Boat Insurance Online  

A Guide to Getting Cheap Boat Insurance Online

If you're trying to find cheap boat insurance online for your boat, you might be starting to feel pretty discouraged. But don't despair – it really is entirely possible to get affordable boat insurance by looking online and following a few simple strategies. Unlike home insurance or car insurance, you will find that boat insurance policies aren't so standardized. Coverage for a boat can vary significantly depending on who you buy the policy from and how carefully you examine the fine print. By being an informed insurance buyer, you can make the right choice when buying boat insurance, and get a good deal.

Start your search online. Most insurers that offer boat insurance will give you a quote through their webpage. This is a good way to start collecting information and comparing policies. Don't forget your current insurance providers, too! Your homeowners policy might allow you to add on a boat insurance policy. If you need more coverage than these add ons permit, you should look into getting your insurance from an independent insurance agent, or a marine insurance specialist. If you have friends who are into boating, check with them to find out who they use. Again, the Internet is your friend. You can easily search out companies who offer the kind of boat insurance you'll need.

If you're trying to cut costs, look for cheap boat insurance that pays “actual cash value.” These will cover the actual value of your boat or property at the time of loss, including depreciation. Often, this doesn't pay as much as agreed value policies, but the premiums are much less. Actual cash value policies are best suited to an inexpensive boat, or when you're more concerned about premiums than the event of a loss. A policy that has a salvage deductible or a hurricane deductible could also save you quite a bit when it comes to monthly premiums. The downside is that in the event that your boat needs to be salvaged or is damaged by a storm, you will have to pay out of pocket up to a certain pre-agreed amount. Know what you're getting into when you choose a deductible. However, used carefully, these options can reduce your premium.

Make sure you know the state requirements for your kind of boat. They will be different for a paid off sailboat than they will for a lovely new yacht. It's important, when trying to save money, that you only buy the coverage that is appropriate to your specific boat. Check out all the options when you get your online quotes, to make sure that you know what coverage is available and what it applies to. That way you'll be sure to get the most affordable insurance for your boat. Shopping with care and starting out online are the best ways to look for cheap boat insurance that will really cover you. Check out sites for boat insurance today, and make sure that your boat is protected.


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