Power Cat Yacht Insurance Examined for Power Catamarans  

Power Cat Yacht Insurance Examined for Power Catamarans

A catamaran is a boat that consists of two separate hulls joined by a frame. Power catamarans are driven by engine power rather than wind power. Catamarans are a fairly new type of design in the world of pleasure boating, and this has led to some skepticism from individuals who are more accustomed to single-hull designs. There are many differences between how a single-hull boat and a catamaran must be operated, and this has caused many marine insurance agencies to offer separate policies for power cat yacht insurance catamarans. Power catamarans have a higher average and potential speed than single-hull craft. This increased performance makes them attractive but potentially more dangerous. Catamarans have more beam-wise stability and are less likely to capsize that way, but they are more likely to pitchpole or pole-axe and capsize in that manner.

Most people learn how to operate a single-hull boat first, so operating a catamaran is something unusual to most of the public. While operating a catamaran is not inherently more difficult or dangerous since most people have far less experience operating catamarans than single-hull vessels insurance rates must take that into account. High performance power catamarans, therefore, are sometimes unfairly targeted for unduly high insurance rates. This is done both by agents that have a bias against power catamarans as well as agents that know they can get away with charging higher rates.

Using an insurance company that insures a wide variety of items such as automobiles and motorcycles can help you save on power catamaran insurance because they sometimes lack a specific category for catamarans that has a higher rate than mono-hull boats. However, these insurance companies may offer coverage that falls short of companies that specialize in insuring boats. You can also use an insurance company that specifically insures catamarans as they often have less bias against the safety of catamarans and offer policies specifically tailored to catamaran use. Since catamarans are such great long distance boats, companies that specialize in catamaran insurance also tend to offer worldwide coverage instead of regional coverage. This can be an advantage if you do go on long distance trips, but it can be a disadvantage if you do not. Worldwide coverage tends to cost more money, even if you do not have the option of regional coverage. So if a catamaran insurance company only offers worldwide coverage, but you do not need it, you may want to look for a company that offers standard regional coverage.

Catamarans are also popular in racing. Most boat insurance policies do not cover racing and it usually costs a hefty premium to have your boat covered under a racing policy. Many catamaran insurers either cover racing as a default, or offer more reasonable racing coverage plans. If you do not intend on racing them you may want to avoid an insurer that offers racing coverage as a default because they will usually mean their standard coverage costs more because of it.


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