Boat Towing Insurance - All You Need to Know About Boat Towing Insurance!  

Boat Towing Insurance - All You Need to Know About Boat Towing Insurance!

When you own a boat, one of the things you'll need to do is transport it. If an accident occurs while you're towing the boat with your car, your auto insurance won't cover it, and neither will most standard boat insurance. Boat towing insurance is an add-on to most boat insurance policies, and it has the fee you'd expect. This is one kind of boat towing insurance. The other kind covers the cost of having a stalled or damaged boat brought back in to shore. It's also important to have this kind of coverage, because water towing can be quite expensive. This towing insurance is also not usually part of a standard or basic boat insurance plan.

The amount you'll pay for water towing will depend on the distance to be covered, as well as the size of the boat to be covered. Premiums on boat towing insurance will be adjusted appropriately, based on the length and weight of your boat. Make sure, when your boat is being towed, that you are being charged for towing, and not salvage. Towing is charged by the hour, whereas salvage, the successful and voluntary rescue of any boat, passengers, or cargo, can wind up costing you a percentage of your boat's value. Since many assistance companies provide both options, it's important to be clear about which you are getting. Towing insurance may not cover salvage costs.

Towing insurance is an important addition to any boat insurance policy. It protects you against unexpected fees in the case of a breakdown, either in towing the boat to the water, or on the water. Because towing fees can be very high – more than getting you car taken to the garage – knowing that the insurance company will pay for the cost of boat towing takes one more source of stress away. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you're immune to a breakdown or accident. Towing coverage is especially important if you have a very valuable boat, and is well worth the cost of premiums in this case. So make sure it is included when you get a boat insurance quote.

The details of boat towing additions to your boat insurance policy differ by insurer. This means that it's important to find out how your insurance provider will handle a situation that requires towing. Some insurers cover salvage and towing at the same time. Some do not. It's vital that you know whether or not your towing or salvage will be covered at the time it happens. Because of this, be sure to know your insurance plan and insurer very well. Boat towing insurance will help protect you. Sometimes bad things happen that only damage your boat or stop it dead in the water. Since conventional plans only pay for direct damage or loss of your boat and property, you could wind up paying a lot just to get the boat back to shore. Boat towing insurance is the best protection you can buy against this eventuality.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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