Yacht Insurance Availability Examined In The UK and US  

Yacht Insurance Availability Examined In The UK and US

Because yachts are not as common as cars, homes, or even motorcycles, we do not see many yacht or boating insurance companies advertise on television. However, there are many insurance companies all over the United States and United Kingdom that either offer boating insurance, or are totally dedicated to it alone. It is more common to find yacht insurance companies near the coast, but many inland insurance companies also offer policies for boating. However, these policies may be more limited than those offered by a coastal insurance company that only deals with boat and yacht insurance.

In the United States, it is very common to find yacht insurance companies in California, Florida, and New York. These are the states where yacht ownership is highest and where most yachts are docked. If you live in another state and plan on docking your yacht in California, Florida, or New York, you may want to consider using an insurance company located in that state rather than your home state. The insurance company will be able to process your claim faster if they are near you when you make the claim. Most often they will need to come out to see the boat and this is easiest when they are near by.

Yachting is also very popular in the United Kingdom and because you are never as far away from the Ocean in the British Isles are you can be in the middle of America, yacht insurance services tend to me more widely spread out in the United Kingdom. However, yacht insurance is still easier to find in cities near popular docks. The location of your yacht insurer should be chiefly determined by the location of your yacht and favorite boating spots.

Finding an insurance company to insure your yacht is made very easy with the Internet. You can simply search for yacht insurance in your country or state and find companies online with web pages and contact information. This is much easier than trying to find an insurance company by phone book because not all of them are listed due to the more limited need of yacht insurance versus auto and home insurance. Many insurance companies also offer online quotes that allow you to make general comparisons without having to pick up a phone or waiting until business hours. These online quotes may not be totally accurate depending on the nature of your insurance needs, but they do give you something to go on until you start making phone calls and asking specific questions about plans and pricing.

Many homeowner insurance policies will cover small boats, but they will not cover larger yachts and tend to offer fairly spotty coverage. You should not rely on your homeowner insurance unless your boat is small and inexpensive. If you need help finding the right insurance policy for your yacht and your needs you can use an insurance broker. An insurance broker’s job is to track down insurance companies and compare policies. You pay the broker a premium, but doing this will save you time and make sure that you get the right policy for your needs while paying as little as possible in the long run.


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