Texas Boat Insurance - A Guide to Yacht, Boat and Marine Insurance in Texas  

Texas Boat Insurance - A Guide to Yacht, Boat and Marine Insurance in Texas

Every year, more than 76 million Americans go boating, and Texas, with 80,000 miles of rivers and streams, is among the top five states in the country for water sports. The state requires a current registration on all boats, even if they're docked or stored. After making sure that you have the right registration for your boat, it's time to find the right insurance.

Factors which can affect the price of your insurance in Texas include the operator's age, DMV records, and the value and speed of your boat. Taking a boating course can help reduce the price of your insurance. You can participate in these courses through the Texas Parks and Wildlife department. Some operators may need to be certified to operate a boat, and these courses can help towards that certification. Even if you don't need certification, you can get nearly 20% discounts from your insurance company if you can prove you've taken a safety course. Just a little knowledge about boats can help you if there's an accident, and prevent many boat accidents.

Coverages that can be useful to Texas boaters include personal liability and property damage, which protect people and objects that may be injured on or around your boat. Coverage for other people's medical bills can save you a great deal of money in the event of an accident. It's also a good idea to look into uninsured boater coverage. Like uninsured motorist coverage, this keeps you from being responsible for the bills when someone else is at fault, but has no coverage. The percentage of boaters with no insurance is a lot higher than the percentage of uninsured motorists, so this kind of coverage can be very useful.

Boaters in areas of Texas subject to periodic hurricane damage should examine their policies carefully. Some boat insurance policies will not pay for damage from storms, or only pay a reduced amount. If you're concerned about protecting your boat from hurricane damage, investigate the amount of coverage that is being offered for it. Because boat policies aren't standardized the way car or homeowners insurance have been, you may find vastly different coverages being offered by insurance providers. This means that it's possible to look around to find the best combination of coverage and price, but it will also take a little work.

Boat insurance is a smart thing to invest in if you're going to be enjoying the many waterways of Texas. Whether you have a luxury boat or just a small fishing craft, you'll want to be covered in the event of an accident. Even the most careful boater can't account for the actions of all the other people on the water, and accidents are sure to happen eventually. To make sure your boat is protected, whether on the water, in storage, or on the road, keep a good insurance policy. Smart boaters maintain at least a minimum standard of boat coverage, including personal liability, to protect themselves.


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