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10 Fast Facts About Mississippi:

1/ In terms of points of elevation Mississippi is one of the flattest states in the Union. The highest point in the state stands at 807 foot (246 meters) on Woodhall Mountain, which is the fifth lowest of any of the states, and the mean elevation (the average) is just 300 feet (90 meters) which places Mississippi 7th in the list of flattest States. The flattest state in the United States based on mean elevation is Delaware at just 60 feet (20 meters). Whilst the State that has the lowest 'Highest Elevation' in the United States is Florida, whose Britton Hill tops out at just 345 feet (105 meters).

2/ Here are some average low and high temperatures in Fahrenheit for different Mississippi cities in August:

Jackson - 70 / 91
Tupelo - 70 / 91
Gulfport - 74 / 91
Meridian - 70 / 93

3/ Looking at US Census Data from 1860 it is possible to extrapolate who the largest slave holders in the United States were in 1860. In 2nd place was a slaveholder from Mississippi called Stephen Duncan from Issaquena who was a large cotton plantation owner in the state and is said to have had 858 slaves. The largest slaveholder in the United States in 1860 was from South Carolina, Georgetown and was listed as the 'Estate of Joshua J. Ward' (he died in 1853 but his estate still held his slaves) who is said to have had 1,130 slaves working on his rice plantations.

4/ By 1860, the enslaved population of Mississippi numbered 436,631 or 55% of the state's total of 791,305. There were fewer than 1000 'free people of color'.

5/ Mississippi was the last state to officially repeal the statewide prohibition of alcohol in 1966, and the state only repealed its ban on interracial marriage in 1987, some twenty years after the United States Supreme Court had ruled in 1967 that such a ban was unconstitutional.

6/ There are 6,286 households in Mississippi that are classified as being "same sex" and "unmarried partnerships" in 2010. Of these approximately a third were raising at least one child, which means that Mississippi has more same sex couples who are raising children then any other state.

7/ Health wise Mississippi currently has a poor reputation, especially in terms of the obesity rates of its citizens, which are considerably worse then many other states. For example, the people of Mississippi led the way between 2005 and 2008 in having the very highest rate for obesity in the whole of the United States, and in addition to this, having the highest rates amongst the states for diabetes, elevated blood pressure readings and the levels of adult inactivity amongst its citizens.

8/ Memorial Day in the US is celebrated on the final monday that falls in May each year because on the 25th April 1866, ladies of Friendship Cemetery in Columbus decided to lay wreaths of remembrance on BOTH Union Soldiers and Confederate soldiers graves, and this sparked a tradition designed to re-unite the hearts and minds of the citizens of the United States after a divisive civil war..

9/ The pledge to the state flag (see below) is: "I salute the flag of Mississippi and the sovereign state for which it stands with pride in her history and achievements and with confidence in her future under the guidance of Almighty God."

10/ In 1963, Dr. James D. Hardy of the University of Mississippi Medical Center performed the first human lung transplant in Jackson, Mississippi. In 1964, Dr. Hardy performed the first heart transplant, transplanting the heart of a chimpanzee into a human, where it beat for 90 minutes.

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