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10 Fast Facts About Louisiana:

1/ The state capitol building of Louisiana is the tallest of all the states capital buildings. It is 450 feet tall and has 34 floors. It was completed in just 14 months and opened in March 1932. It required 2500 rail cars to fetch the stones such as limestone that were used on the interior marble work and the exterior detailing. These were fetched from as far afield as Vermont and Italy. On the 27th floor is an observation deck that allows people to view the city of Baton Rouge from a height of 350 feet.

2/ The largest parish in Lousiana (by population) is the parish of East Baton Rouge, and the largest (in terms of land area) is the Parish of Cameron. Louisiana is unique among US States in having "parishes", which are the equivalent of "counties" in other states.

3/ Unfortunately, it is a fact that the coastline of Louisiana (on the south coast) is one of the most under threat coastlines in the whole of the United States. Due to such factors as erosion, floods and rising water levels the state is losing an area of land equivalent to thirty big football pitches EVERY DAY!

4/ The coldest ever recorded temperature in Louisiana was -16F (-27C) at Minden on the 13th February 1899. Whilst the hottest temperature ever recorded in Louisiana was 114F (46 centigrade) in Plain Dealing on the 10th August 1936.

5/ Louisiana on average has more thunderstorms every year, over 60 days every year, than any other state except Florida. It also averages 27 tornadoes every year, most of which occur between February and March in the Northern part of the state and from January to March in the Southern part of the state.

6/ The Capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, is home to a thriving Petrochemical Industry, and the Exxon Mobil facility in the city is the second largest oil refinery in the country and is among the world's 10 largest (9th). The largest oil refinery in the United States can be found at Baytown, Texas (6th) and is also owned by Exxon Mobil. Whilst the biggest in the world (by quite some margin) is the Jamnagar Refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India which refines 1,240,000 barrels of oil a day; more than both the Baton Rouge and Baytown plants COMBINED.

7/ In March 2011, Louisiana ranked as the second bottom "Worst" state (next to number 50 Kentucky), in the American State Litter Scorecard.

8/ The Lousiana Territory was purchased in 1803 for a sum of money that was approximately equivalent to $15 million, from the French. The amount of land that was purchased was a staggering 828,000 sq. miles. And it is sobering to reflect on the fact that no less than 13 states were carved from this land, nearly doubling the size of the U.S at the time.

9/ In 1810 the population of Louisiana was 76,556. By 2010 this figure had grown to 4,533,372.

10/ The state flag of Louisiana (see below) was adopted in 1912 and shows a Pelican (mother) feeding her baby pelicans. This is meant to symbolize a role of the state as a protector of its resources and people. The white ribbon below the bird carries the state motto, "Union, Justice and Confidence".

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