A Guide to Home Insurance in Louisiana (LA)

When looking into getting Louisiana Home Insurance that is right for you and your family, then it is important that you consider a number of different factors.

Most policies that you will find cover six main areas, and I will be investigating those here:

1/ Cover for your Dwelling

This is what most people think of when they are looking at Louisiana Home Insurance, because it is cover for your home in case it is involved in a fire for example and you need to repair or replace it.

So this would include such items as the costs of rebuilding the structure, from the architect and planning phase of the project, right through to having your home totally rebuilt.

2/ Cover for other Structures

On many peoples home plots there are often extra outbuildings that they would also like to be covered, such as garages and sheds. And so it is important to make sure that any Louisiana Home Insurance policy that you do take out also extends to covering these as well.

3/ Cover for your personal possessions and property

Within any home there will be large numbers of personal items that mean a great deal to you, or which have considerable value that you will wish to be covered. But additionally, there are also lots of items that would cost considerable sums to insure, such as carpets, which you may not think about too often, but which represent a large expense if you do need to change them.

4/ Cover for Loss of Use

Given that a home is not only an investment, but is also the place that you live, it is imperative that loss of use cover is included in any policy. This basically covers you in the event that your home becomes uninhabitable through an insured event (for example a fire) and means that you can then seek out alternative accommodation, and have those costs borne by the insurance.

5/ Personal Liability Protection

This is also an essential component of any homeowner’s insurance policy, because it takes account of the fact the United States is increasingly becoming a very litigious culture, and so if someone does end up getting injured in your home, then there is every chance that they will sue you for damages or loss of earnings.

It is for this reason that you need personal liability protection as an integral part of any Louisiana Home Insurance policy, because this provides protection in the event that a lawsuit is taken out against you for an accident in your home.

6/ Payments for Medical Cover

This is another key component of a home insurance policy in Louisiana, because the cost of medical treatments in the United States is often prohibitive, and so even if there is not some kind of lawsuit involved, it is only sensible to get protection against the prohibitive nature of the expense of these in the US.

This portion of the policy will cover yourself and family members for accidents in the home that require medical treatment, but which are not the subject of legal dispute.

So, for example, if you fall down the stairs and your leg needs treatment, then you could potentially make a claim.

There are lots of factors to consider with Louisiana Home Insurance, so make sure you shop around and consider them all carefully before making your final policy choice. 


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