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10 Fast Facts About Kansas:

1/ If you like potatoes, then Kansas could be the place for you! The Capital city of Kansas is called Topeka, which is said to be drevied from the word Topike, which is a Kansa (Native American Tribe) word which means "a good place to grow potatoes".

2/ The state tree of Kansas is the Cottonwood, the sate mammal is the Buffalo, and the state bird is the Western Meadow Lark.

3/ The state flag of Kansas (see below) was adopted in 1927 and features the state seal on a blue background. The state flower of Kansas, the sunflower, is pictured above the seal. The circle that surrounds the seal in the center is trimmed with a wreath that symbolizes the Louisiana purchase that Kansas was a part of in 1803, and the 34 stars at the top of the seal are representative of Kansas being the 34th state to join the Union of Jan 29th 1861. Additionally, the state motto appears above the stars in Latin, "Ad Adtra per Aspera", which is Latin for "To The Stars Through Difficulties".

4/ The standard Kansas license plate design is now dark blue on a light blue gradient with a state seal graphic and a county code sticker in this format, 123 ABC.

5/ Whilst there is a popular belief that Kansas is the flattest state in the nation, topologically this is in fact not true. Scientists who have studied the elevation of Kansas place it somewhere between the 20th and 30th flattest state, with its average elevation being 2000 feet, higher than 36 other states.

6/ Annual rainfall in Kansas ranges from around 1200mm (47 inches) every year in the south east of the state, to around 400mm (16 inches) in the South West. Frost free days range from more than 200 days in the south, to 130 days in the North West. All this adds up to Kansas being the 9th or 10th sunniest state in the country (depending on who you ask!), and the western parts of Kansas are as sunny as Arizona or California.

7/ The lowest ever temperature recorded in Kansas was on February 13th 1905 near Lebanon, when the temperature dropped to -40F. The highest ever temperature recorded in Kansas came on July 24th 1936 near Alton, when the thermometers read 121 F (49.4 centigrade).

8/ Here are some normal low and high temperatures in Fahrenheit for various cities in Kansas in August:

Topeka - 65 / 88
Dodge City - 66 / 91
Wichita - 68 / 92
Concordia - 66 / 88
Goodland - 60 / 87

9/ The population of Kansas in 1860 was an estimated 107,206 people. By 2010 that has risen to 2,853,116 people. Every year now in Kansas more people die (over 150,000) and are born (around 250,000) then were originally living in the state in 1860.

10/ Despite this growth in population, Kansas is actually one of the slowest growing states in terms of population, and there has been significant rural drift away from small towns to the larger city centers. In Kansas alone, there are more than 6,000 ghost towns and dwindling communities of fewer than 1,000 people, according to one Kansas historian Daniel C. Fitzgerald.

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