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10 Fast Facts About Illinois:

1/ The only U.S President who was born and raised in Illinois was Ronald Reagan; but Ulysses S Grant, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama were all elected to become U.S President whilst living in Illinois.

2/ Illinois has one of the smallest percentages of its land area covered by water (just 4%) of any of the U.S States.

3/ The population of Illinois has grown from just 2,458 in 1800 to 12,830,632 in 2010.

4/ There have been six capitol buildings erected over the years in Illinois, the last of which had its construction started in 1869 in Springfield and which was completed twenty years later for a total cost of $4.5 million. To get that figure into perspective, consider that in 2010 dollars that would represent well in excess of $100 million.

5/ The official state mammal of Illinois is the White-Tailed Deer; the official state reptile is the Painted Turtle, and the official state flower is the Native Violet.

6/ Illinois was the first state to officially ratify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States in 1865 which abolished slavery.

7/ The largest man-made lake in Illinois is Carlyle Lake which can be found 50 miles east of St Louis, Missouri. It covers an area of 11,000 acres of land (8 miles long by 3 miles wide), and has more than 30 different species of fish. It was also the host location for the 1994 U.S Olympic Festival Sailing Competition, which is the main development vehicle for the U.S Olympic Sailing Teams.

8/ In 1905, the then President of the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team filed charges against a fan in the bleachers for catching a fly ball and keeping it.

9/ Ever wondered who thew first person ever born in Chicago was? (Probably not! But wonder no more anyway...) It was in fact Eulalia Pointe du Sable and the year was 1796. Her father was Jean Bapriste Pointe du Sable, and her mother was a Potawatomi Indian.

10/ Illinois has an average of 51 days of thunderstorm activity a year and 35 tornadoes on average every year.

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