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10 Fast Facts About Georgia:

1/ In sporting terms Georgia is perhaps best known for the Masters Golf Tournament which is held every year at the Augusta National Golf Club in the first week of April. The tournament actually started in 1934, but the famous 'Green Jacket' was first awarded in 1949. Jack Nicklaus has won the Masters on six occasions, with several other people (such as Tiger Woods) having four wins.

2/ The official state bird of Georgia is the Brown Thrasher, the state tree is the Live Oak, the official state reptile is the Gopher Tortoise, and the state butterfly is the Tiger Swallowtail.

3/ Some famous residents of Georgia down the years have included former President Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King Jr., the actor Burt Reynolds, and the author of 'Gone With the Wind', Margaret Mitchell.

4/ Thomasville in Georgia is known as the City of Roses because the city maintains and plants over 7,000 roses throughout the city. It also has a big rose festival in the last week of April every year, where rose enthusiasts from around the world gather to have their roses judged by a panel of experts.

5/ The highest natural point in Georgia is Brasstown Bald Mountain which has a summit elevation of 4,784 feet above sea level. The Native Cherokee people refer to the mountain as Enotah. It is mostly made up of dunite and soapstone. The 'bald' part of the name refers to the fact that you have 360 degree unobstructed views from the top, rather than any reference to the foliage (which is NOT bald!)

6/ The Chickamuga National Park in Georgia was home to one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War during 1863, as the two sides fought for control of Chattanooga, which was a key rail center at the time.

7/ Wesleyan College in Macon Georgia was the first college in the world to grant degrees to women. The first woman to gain a baccalaureate degree from the college was Catherine Elizabeth Brewer (Benson) on July 16th 1840, as she was the first in alphabetical order to receive the degree in her graduating class. She married in 1842 (becoming 'Benson') and had eight children. She died in 1908 at the age of 86.

8/ Wesleyan College Georgia also had the first Professorship in English Literature to be established in America in 1844, held by the Reverend Josiah Fletcher Andrew.

9/ The invention of Coca-Cola is inextricably linked with Georgia, because John Pemberton invented it in the state in 1886, originally intended as a patent medicine. In the original Pemberton formula for Coca-Cola it contained an estimated nine milligrams of cocaine per glass! The name itself was invented by Frank Mason Robinson who was helping Pemberton come up with the 'medicine', because he liked the alliterative sound. We also have Robinson to thank for the cursive script font that the words are written in (the typeface is actually known as Spencerian Script), which has since become one of the world's most recognized trademarks. The start of the success of the drink itself can be laid at the doors of Asa Griggs Candler (he purchased the formula for Coke from Pemberton in 1887 for $2,300), because it was him who started to agressively market the drink.

10/ Whilst today Dahlonega in Georgia is a relatively quiet, sleepy town with a population of 5,242 people in 2010. In 1828 it was the site of the first major gold rush in the United States, and at its peak in 1840, at a time when there were far fewer people in the US as a whole, had a population of 8,742 as men flooded in looking to get rich quick.

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