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10 Fast Facts About Alabama:

1/ You can find a monument to the boll weevil in the city of Enterprise, Alabama. The idea behind it is that it is a reminder of the role that the boll weevil played in encouraging the farmers of Alabama to diversify their crops away from relying solely on cotton.

2/ The only All-Water Mail route is in Alabama. Specifically, in Magnolia Springs.

3/ The Constitution of Alabama is one of the longest of all of the States in the United States, with over 700 amendments and over 100,000 words.

4/ The famous boxer Joe Louis was born in Lexington, Alabama in 1914.

5/ State Sales Tax in Alabama was first instigated in 1937, and was originally designed as a method of funding state education programs.

6/ In the Creek Indian Language, Alabama actually means 'Tribal Town'.

7/ The official state insect of Alabama is the Monarch Butterfly.

8/ The official nut of Alabama is the Pecan Nut.

9/ The Oldest County in Alabama is Washington County.

10/ The motto of Alabama, "We Dare Maintain Our Rights" was first adopted in 1939.

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