A Guide to Home Insurance in Alabama (AL)

If you own a home in Alabama then it is important that you take steps to get affordable Alabama Home Insurance that can give you good cover in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

What is Average Alabama Home Insurance?

The types of cover that average Alabama Home Insurance will give you typically covers six different areas.

1/ Cover for the Physical Property – In the event that your home was damaged or needed repair, then any average home insurance in Alabama should be able to afford you proper financial protection and allow you to repair or replace the damage.

2/ Personal Property / Contents Cover – Most Alabama Home Insurance will also cover you for any personal property that was damaged perhaps due to a fire, and also other items such as replacing carpets, kitchen equipment etc.

3/ Additional Buildings Cover – This could include such areas as add-on garages or outside sheds.

4/ Loss of Use Cover – There is a special class of damage which is classified as ‘covered peril’ (check with your specific policy to see exactly what this covers you for, as it can vary in scope). If you are able to claim on this then you would be able to get other accommodation and pay for your immediate expenses if you were not able to live in your home.

5/ Medical Cover – This could potentially kick in to cover the medical expenses for people (other than family members) who were injured whilst at your property, but who were not suing you.

6/ Personal Liability Protection Cover – With any Alabama Home Owners Insurance policy it is essential to make sure that some level of personal liability protection is also included in the mix, because if someone else gets injured or harmed at your home then otherwise you are potentially opening yourself up to lawsuits.

The US Census Bureau collates information across the United States and found that the average cost of Alabama Home Insurance was $905 a year for HO-3 levels of home insurance cover.

HO-3 cover means that all direct losses to your home are covered APART from specific exclusions which the insurance company lists and which would exclude cover for such things as flooding, earthquakes, power failures, war, neglect, nuclear accidents and intentional loss.

These excluded items can typically be added to most home insurance policies in Alabama, but you would typically have to pay a higher premium.

It is also worth carefully reading any policy before you commit to purchase, as these exclusions can vary between companies and it is advisable to be extremely clear about what you are or are not covered for before you take the plunge and buy comprehensive Alabama Homeowners insurance.

Alabama Home Insurance – Some Other Considerations…

It is also important to realise that the amount that any insurance will cost you is going to be directly proportionate to the cost of your home and how much Alabama Home insurance you need. And this can vary dramatically between different counties in Alabama.

Here are a cross-section of different average property price in Alabama as of July 2011, based on data from Trulia Real Estate.

The Five Most Expensive Counties in Alabama for Homes
Wilcox - $674,458
Clarke - $663,024
Coosa - $448,595
Tallapoosa - $378,451
Greene - $350,575

The Five Cheapest Counties in Alabama for Homes
Sumter - $21,633
Conecuh - $86,635
Choctaw - $89,000
Pickens - $89,142
Marion - $96,303

You can see from these statistics that the costs of property in Alabama can vary dramatically between counties.

The bottom line is that it is a good idea to shop around for the best Alabama Home Insurance Quotes so that you can be sure that you are getting a great deal on your insurance.

The costs of the premiums can vary dramatically between providers, and so shopping between Alabama Home Insurance Companies can insurance that you get the most affordable deal for your particular circumstances.


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