South African Yacht? How To Get Boat Insurance for Your South African Yacht in the UK  

South African Yacht? How To Get Boat Insurance for Your South African Yacht in the UK

Most boat insurance policies cover specific areas. For example, if you get a pleasure boat insurance policy in Florida you may be covered up and down the Eastern United States, but if you move to the West Coast or to the United Kingdom, you will probably need a new policy. Likewise, if you live in the United Kingdom but plan on keeping your yacht in Africa or doing most of your boating there, you may find that typical policies are not what you are looking for. Your two basic options are to use a United Kingdom-based company that will insure you in Africa, or an African-based company.

The advantages of using a company based in Africa is that they will be closer to you while you are boating and may be easier to contact if you need to file a claim. An African company will also know the area better and will be much faster at dispatching people to oversee the claim. The downside is that insurance companies are harder to find in Africa and many of them offer insurance in addition to many other services. For example, many dealers of pleasure craft in Africa also offer insurance, but they are selective about who they offer plans to and their coverage and prices may not be competitive. Insurance in Africa will also tend to be on a voyage-to-voyage basis, which can be beneficial if you go on few voyages and have another insurance plan to cover your boat while it is in the harbor.

There are many insurance companies in the United Kingdom, so finding one near you should not be a problem. Having the insurance company near your home makes it easier and faster to deal with them when you are not in Africa boating. English insurance companies tend to be competitive with each other, so finding a good price can be easier than finding a good price with an African insurance company that has less competition.

Many British insurance companies have online forms that allow you to get a quote for their yacht insurance services, but these often do not include a field for location. To get a quote for insuring your yacht in Africa you should speak directly with an insurance company to determine what type of coverage you can get and what it will actually cost. Remember that a price quote alone tells you very little. You need to know what the plan will and will not cover. You can find lists of English and African insurance brokers online along with their contact information. Unless your yacht insurance needs happen to be extremely typical, there is no replacement for actually talking to a broker about your specific needs.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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