Progressive Boat Insurance - A Review of Progressive Boat Insurance  

Progressive Boat Insurance - A Review of Progressive Boat Insurance

There are a number of insurance companies offering to cover your boat. While boat insurance isn't mandatory by law, like auto insurance, you need it for many of the same reasons. To prevent bills from medical problems, accidents, or damage from racking up, make sure that your boat is covered. Boat insurance can be bought for many different eventualities, but these will also cost you. Lots of people want to get the best boat insurance they can, but for the lowest price. Because of this, boat owners do a lot of shopping around for insurance. One of the companies that many people look at is Progressive.

Progressive Boat is a division of Progressive Auto insurance. They are one of the less expensive boat insurance companies in existence. Benefits of this company include online quotes, offered for free, and a well trained, friendly staff. However, Progressive has also been criticized for offering less coverage than some other, more expensive insurance companies.

Getting the right watercraft coverage from Progressive requires that you know a good deal about your boat and the right kind of insurance for it. While you can get some coverage through a homeowners policy, it might not be enough for your boat. This is where specialized coverages from Progressive can be used to augment existing coverage.

Among the options that Progressive offers for boat insurance are on-water towing, which protects you when you get stranded, and uninsured boaters coverage, which is much like uninsured motorist coverage in that it protects you from the damage done by other people. There are a lot more uninsured boaters out there, percentage-wise, than there are uninsured motorists, however. Also offered are fuel spill liability coverage to help deal with the environmental damage when any boat fuel is spilled into the water, and wreckage removal. This latter coverage helps you if your boat is damage beyond repair and must be taken back to shore. If you want coverage for your personal effects beyond what's considered part of the boat, or coverage for your fishing gear, you can also purchase this from Progressive.

One of the big advantages of getting insurance for your boat through Progressive is that the policy covers you even if you leave the area you usually boat in. Boat insurance through Progressive covers all the lakes, rivers, and navigable waterways of the continental US and Canada. This even covers the ocean, so long as you're not more than 50 miles out from these countries. If you like to roam and follow the sun, this can be very advantageous. Progressive also offers Agreed Value boat insurance, which can help you replace your boat in the event of an accident. Many other plans only off Actual Cash Value coverage, which includes depreciation on your craft.

If any of these things seem appealing, Progressive might be worth checking out. Progressive boat insurance isn't necessarily for everyone, but if you want inexpensive basic coverage with a few extras, it's a good buy.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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