Florida Boat Insurance - A Guide to Boat, Marine and Yacht Insurance in Florida  

Florida Boat Insurance - A Guide to Boat, Marine and Yacht Insurance in Florida

Boating is a popular sport in Florida, yet many people go out on the water without insurance for their craft. You wouldn't drive without protection from an insurance policy, so why go out boating without one? Florida Boat insurance lets you enjoy the water without worrying about the cost of replacing your boat or paying any liability costs associated with an accident.

Getting boat insurance is much like getting auto insurance. However, in Florida, there's one thing you need to worry about when insuring your boat that people in most other states get to ignore. Florida is commonly threatened by hurricanes. Many insurance companies only offer limited protection for your boat against hurricane damage unless you specifically arrange for that protection. Make sure that your policy will cover storm damage if you're planning to store or use your boat in Florida during hurricane season.

Another concern about living in a state with frequent storms is the way you'll be compensated if your boat is lost. There are two kinds of boat insurance plans – actual value and agreed value. An actual value plan will only pay you for the market value of any goods lost in an accident or storm. This means that a 6 year old boat will only be paid for as a 6 year old boat – including depreciation. Agreed value plans, on the other hand, will allow you to replace your lost possessions and craft. This kind of insurance pays for a value agreed upon by you and your insurer. Agreed value plans are much smarter in areas where you might suddenly lose the whole craft to a freak storm.

There are a number of important questions to ask your agent when you look for boat insurance in Florida. These include whether or not your personal possessions will be covered, whether your policy is actual value or agreed value, whether you will pay lower rates if the craft is in dry dock, if you can get a discount for having taken a safe boating course, and what your hurricane coverage is. It's also a good idea to find out if towing and salvage are covered by your insurer, or if you will have to pay these expenses out of pocket if stranded.

Getting boat insurance in Florida is a good idea if you want to make sure that you're protected from accidents and storms. A boat is a big investment for most people, and hard to replace. Protect that investment by keeping it insured. You can find quotes for boat insurance in Florida online, or by calling an agent. You might even be able to get boat insurance through your regular auto or homeowners insurance provider. This can be a great way to get a bit of a discount on your boat insurance, as many companies offer multiple plan incentives. Look into Florida boat insurance today, and protect your craft.


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