A Guide to Commercial Agents and Marine Insurance Brokers in Houston, Texas  

A Guide to Commercial Agents and Marine Insurance Brokers in Houston, Texas

Houston is located just off of the Gulf of Mexico and the Port of Houston is the most important port in the United States in terms of commerce and trade. The waters off of Houston are heavily populated with commercial watercraft as well as leisure craft such as yachts. Despite the importance and popularity of the Port of Houston, most of the marine insurance options in Houston are part of insurance companies that offer other forms of insurance such as home and auto insurance. In other parts of the country the coastal cities with a lot of boating activity have many insurance companies totally dedicated to marine insurance. In those locations it is often beneficial to use a marine insurance specialist instead of an insurance company that insures homes and automobiles as well. However, in Houston the insurance companies have a very good understanding of maritime insurance needs.

Many of the insurance companies in Houston share the top billing between home, auto, and boat insurance, which is in contrast to the insurance companies in other cities which tend to give boat insurance with little attention. One of the few insurance agencies in Houston that specializes in boat and marine insurance is the Kevin E. Severance insurance agency. Other insurance agencies that focus on insurance local to Houston and include boating insurance are Don Wright Insurance, Jess Akin Insurance, and Barhorst Insurance Group. These smaller insurance agencies tend to offer better customer service and sometimes more specific policies, however, the national insurance agencies tend to be able to offer lower prices as they have greater annual profits and a greater volume of customers.

Farmers, Geiko, and Progressive offer boat insurance in Houston Texas. The rates these larger companies can offer tend to be fairly low, but their policies tend to be more exclusive and offer less customization to your specific circumstances. Rather than calling all of the Houston insurance companies yourself and deciding between them you can also use an insurance broker. Houston is home to many insurance brokers that have experience with, though do not specialize in, marine insurance. Two examples are Heffernan Insurance Brokers, and Daher & Associates. Many insurance companies in Houston also have their own brokers that can help you compare policies and rates.

If you do not mind doing some of the research yourself there are also websites on the Internet that let you search for businesses in Houston according to the business type. Some of these sites even offer ratings and user reviews for these businesses. This allows you to weed out the businesses with low customer satisfaction and focus on the ones that look promising. The fact that Houston is so much more than a coastal town means that most of the insurance companies there will be large and also focused on other insurance needs, but because the Port of Houston is so important to the city finding a good insurance policy is actually pretty easy.


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