Boat Insurance Ireland - A Guide to Yacht, Marine and Boat Insurance in Ireland  

Boat Insurance Ireland - A Guide to Yacht, Marine and Boat Insurance in Ireland

If you're thinking of bringing a boat to Ireland for one or more seasons on the waterways, there's some information you should know before you start. You need to check the dimensions of the waterways on which you wish to use your boat, for instance. The locks on the Grand Canal, running from Dublin to the Shannon river, can only accommodate boats smaller than 61 feet long, or 18.5 meters. If you're planning to use your boat on the more northerly running Royal canal, which also runs from Dublin to the Shannon, you'll be able to use a 75 foot long, or 22.9 meter, boat. However, this waterway isn't as completely restored as the Grand Canal, so you should always check the specifics of your route first.

Laws on most Irish waterways outlaw discharging sewage, but this is infrequently enforced. Few of the available pump outs work properly, and there are few proper sluicing facilities if you use a portable toilet. Because the canals and other waterways in Ireland are less busy than British canals, you'll also find fewer waterside pubs and no marinas. Most people moor along the bank. There is one boatyard, located at Lowtown. Plan your meals, sewage removal, and fueling carefully, since you won't necessarily be able to expect regular facilities. Water is readily available, but fittings for your hoses may be of different sizes, so bring a wide variety. In general, if you're planning to bring a boat to Ireland, make sure you plan ahead.

Another factor that's very important if you're planning to boat in Ireland is insurance. Keeping your boat insured means that you're protected in the event of accident or other damage. A variety of insurance agencies offer boat insurance in Ireland. Some will give discounts to members of particular boating organizations. The majority of these insurers maintain webpages, which makes it easy to find out information about insuring your boat in Ireland. Whether your use a yacht, a narrowboat, or any other craft, you can easily get a quote online. Boat policies are available to cover loss or damage of the vessel, personal effects, and tender, as well as negligence, theft, and malicious acts. Salvage, removal of a wrecked craft, and third party liability can also all be covered. It's smart to make sure that your boat is insured by getting some boat insurance quotes if you're taking it abroad, and boating in Ireland is no exception.

While using your boat in the various waterways of Ireland may seem daunting at first, all it really takes is some planning. Make sure you know your route well, including all the amenities you may or may not find. Be sure to make certain that your boat will fit the locks if you're planning to take it on the canals, and always keep your boat insured. With just a little forethought, you'll be able to have a great time with your boat on all of Ireland's waterways.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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