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A Guide to BC Land Yacht Insurance Brokers

Ocean transport and leisure is very important in British Columbia. British Columbia is home to the Port of Vancouver, Port of Roberts Bank, Port of Prince Rupert, and Port of Victoria. The Port of Vancouver is one of the most important ports in the world and is the largest in Canada. British Columbia is also a very popular destination for tourists that love the ocean. This creates a demand for insurance policies for visitors as well as residents.

Because of the variety of craft in the waters of British Columbia, most BC insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage rather than more general policies. You can get specific coverage not just for your yacht, but discounts for yacht clubs as well. There are usually separate policies for operating a yacht in local areas and for operating in larger offshore areas. Additional coverage can be purchased for cargo or commercial use and transportation. All of the different plans can make getting the right insurance policy seem a bit confusing, but it also means that you can get a plan specific to your purposes rather than paying for coverage that you do not need in a more general policy. There are also specific insurance policies for American boats that are either visiting the British Columbia ports, or permanently kept there.

The ports of British Columbia are populated by such a wide variety of craft that most insurance companies find it more sensible to insurance all types of boats rather than specializing. In other areas which tend to have a lot of commercial boats, or a lot of please boats, the local insurance companies tend to specialize rather than generalize. Since the insurers in British Columbia are so generalized and they have so many different plans it is often a good idea to get an insurance broker to help you find the right plan and policy for your needs. Especially if you are just visiting and do not want to waste a lot of time searching and negotiating. An insurance broker finds the best policy for you and in return you pay them a small premium. The goal is that the money you spend on hiring the broker is made up for by the money and time you save finding the right policy.

You can find insurance brokers in British Columbia and Canada online. While brokers located in British Columbia will tend to have a better understanding of the local insurance companies, policies, and client needs, some of the national brokerages offer better prices and can get the same results. While the brokers do the shopping around for you, it still pays to shop around a little bit with your brokers. Luckily this can be done online as many insurance brokers also offer online quotes. Because there are a wide variety of specific insurance policies employed by the insurance companies in British Columbia, there is not as much of a need to have a personal policy created for you.


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